Lack of Productivity During Episodes of Psychosis

An image of maf trying to Overcome the voices in his head

I woke up today, but I did not do much else, strictly because of my voices. My productivity was kaput. Well you may say, yeah I have an inner voice too, that may be true, but there is a stark difference. When I say hear voices, They are a clear and defined third party, A […]

The Strategy of Social Life For the Mentally Ill

The need for connection and comfort in those dealings chalks up to one major deficiency in being human or possibly a positive. Of the two I personally am not sure, I leave that one to your opinion. No Man is an Island Regardless, this still exists as a necessity. We simply cannot provide this for […]

Your Most Valuable Assets in Four Words: Time Management Mental Health

Some things never change. Like the rules of the universe they remain bound to logic and reality. Then comes time, the eternal judge and juror of all. None can escape its clutches, dust to dust, ash to ash. On a less grim note, time can also serve as a comforting crutch. Although, one receives a […]

Physical Wellness ,Supportive Roles, and Career Goals vs. Horrors of Mental Illness


Life by definition, shows no certain trajectory. We try and aim for goals yet life always bears its own plans. We grin and bear with the negative and accept the positive with glee. Regardless, sometimes, especially with the mentally bound, everything goes kaput. Wrestling with the demons that cause the most pain requires a spirit […]

Running From Schizophrenia? Coping Through Cardio (3 Miles A Day)


The choice between mental and physical health and detriment in life always surmounts to ideas of simplicity. Whether it be brushing your teeth one day or taking antipsychotic medication the next. Both tasks serve towards a greater good yet for some reason bringing yourself toward accomplishing them can comprise a task of great difficulty. Conquer […]

Back on Road: Mental Health Trip

Road Trips

Along the way of taking one’s agency back from their mental illness comes the thrill of many adventures. Adventures, which may range from convenient to inconvenient. Of these, one of the most common emerges as the bona fide road trip. The road trip, therapeutic and immersive in any number of ways. Beckons one from the […]

Man on The Dunes: Therapeutic Thrill Seeking | Silver Lake Sand Dunes


At first there was no helmet or recommended / necessary kind of gear. Only heat, sand and a lack of proper preparation for the heat or any relevant conditioning. Perhaps with conditioning, matters would have lent themselves toward better outcomes. Regardless this trip forebode tidings akin to an astronaut stranded on the moon with no […]

Mark Cuban Posterizes the Big Pharma With New Online Pharmacy Venture

Big Pharma

Big Pharma cannot find its footing. After Mark Cuban and his lofty titled company post up for a major slam dunk. Cost Plus Drugs heralds itself as the forefront of cheaper, legitimate, and generic pharmaceuticals. Now, one may find themselves asking how this benefits the neurodivergent community. At a glance the most definite impact resonates […]

Healthy Usage of Social Media for Mentally Bound

Social Media

Most champion healthy communication as the principal means and signpost of conquering mental illness. However, when considering separate methods of socializing, technological or social media resonate as the most or almost most accessible. Not many consider the shortcomings or obstacles that come along with certain impediments, like mental illness when signing up for different platforms. […]

Dealing With Schizophrenia: The Shortcomings That Accompany A Stronger Barrage of Voices

If one’s physical and mental well-being has fallen to the wayside due to voices or mental bondage. Know that one proceeds in a good and varied company. Regardless of background. Prescriptions and medications supplied to the mentally bound oftentimes do not wager fairly in terms of physical appearance, well-being or sometimes even mental health. That […]

Fasting for Non-Fasting Purposes: Bulimia Nervosa


In the past certain bouts of what one refers to as bulimia nervosa has stricken the schizoid. This illness reserves the bill of a severe eating disorder and also only coincides with 10% of schizoaffective illness types(NIH). Though occurrence influenced the schizoid over the duration of about two weeks every three months for about five […]

My First Episode of Psychosis and What Happened

First Episode of Psychosis

Placing a finger on the formalities or details of psychosis plays tricks on everyone, especially at the first episode. The what of psychosis simply cannot be associated at the onset of symptoms. Instead, the first episode, per chance if occurring prior to diagnosis, all options remain on the table. The spring of psychosis in figuration […]

Marvel’s Moon Knight Recognizes and Lives the Reality of Schizophrenia?


Moon Knight from Marvel Comics reflects the lifestyle of how some living under the banner of schizoaffective disorder may feel. The question that ultimately remains, inquires of exactly what diagnosis he suffers from. Although according to the comics early on his diagnosis flagged as schizophrenia. This resulted wholly from the lack of consensus in the […]

My First Episode of Psychosis and Who was Involved

First Episode of Psychosis

Imagine witnessing the onset of a circumstance so surreal that it jars your whole perspective, almost like a paradigm shifting piece of media. This event, the first episode of psychosis, in its fruition arrives with a myriad of ripe and pungent emotions. Now imagine this experience happening to someone close to you, or even yourself. […]

My First Episode of Psychosis and When it Happened

First Episode of Psychosis

It should come as no surprise, that for most, the first episode of psychosis actually presents itself as a major surprise. The when of the first episode often arouses the most astonishing of reactions. My family certainly does not accord its own exclusion for their first episode, in terms of the when. Furthermore, the time […]

My First Episode of Psychosis and Where It Occurred

First Episode of Psychosis

Lost among the mystery of the initial event of ‘losing one’s mind’ usually arrives the mysticism of the particular locations behind the delusion. That said, for many sufferers, the first and earliest episode of psychosis sometimes affects the victim so profoundly that the trauma and locus escape the mind of those involved. Likewise the separate […]

Mental Health and Conspiracy Theories

Mental Health and Conspiracy

A population privy to the observance of conspiracy theories just so happens to be the mentally bound or ill. This observance, while not absolute in all cases of mental health and conspiracy, does frequently occur with such conditions. Conspiracy theories often offer resolutions to difficult problems or questions. Most times, these answers remain plausible to […]

Alcoholism of Degrassi: The Next Generation

The well of misfortune never runs dry for the sufferers of alcoholism. Degrassi: The Next Generation delivers those with a taste for the vice, with the most elegant of tact. Oftentimes, coverage of alcoholism in young adults sustains a considerable amount of glorification in the media. Degrassi however, depicts this manner of abuse in a […]

PTSD in Degrassi: The Next Generation

Trauma finds victims across all walks of life and Degrassi: The Next Generation spares no expense on making the detriment of post-traumatic stress disorder on its respective characters known. Trauma of course remains highly subjective, albeit the creators of Degrassi do outline an ample and varied array of unique cases. Post-traumatic stress disorder on the […]

How Sad Boy Rap Took The World By Storm

Sad Boy

With the advent of Generation Z’s crossover into the threshold of adulthood, preceded cultural shifts in musical talent and content. The “dope boys” and “backpackers” were replaced by the “sad boy movement” and the “clout crowd.”

War of The Minds: Volodymyr Zelenskyy Vs. Vladimir Putin

Zelenskyy Putin

Wartime often welcomes the worst of misgivings beyond the confines of the indulged borders. Furthermore, perhaps even more important than the sentiments of the civilians exploited comes the psyche of the leaders enthralled. The weapons available to, and resources possessed by, those leaders remain a topic of tremendous consideration. Oftentimes, the whole world endures the […]

Zealots: Kanye Omari West

Kanye with Mask

In the throes of mental anguish, any schizoid at many times in this person’s life — Kanye Omari West — identified and sympathized with him. Moreover, his path perfectly captured the highs and lows felt by those suffering from mental illness. The moments he wished to retract, remain forever etched in his legacy. Just like […]