Dealing With Schizophrenia: The Shortcomings That Accompany A Stronger Barrage of Voices

If one’s physical and mental well-being has fallen to the wayside due to voices or mental bondage. Know that one proceeds in a good and varied company. Regardless of background. Prescriptions and medications supplied to the mentally bound oftentimes do not wager fairly in terms of physical appearance, well-being or sometimes even mental health. That last one may sound or resonate as somewhat unusual. However, too many times with mental health, we as a collective want the mentally bound to disengage from the community. This means bombarding the patient with drugs. Drugs that increase weight gain, negatively affect the duration of sleep or impede proper hygiene. In this article one intends in scaling the expanse dealing with voices of the mentally bound. By confronting the experiences of the masses, one close to the schizoid and even the schizoid himself.

Not many know or understand how voices within one’s own head simply override the whole of years and years of machinations. Some may even discount the whole experience. Yet best  believe, the internal workings whilst living with psychosis are truly livid. If one envisions mental illness to be a matter of will power, then that person is misfortunately wrong and mistaken. If one envisions the illnesses’ subversion by way of persistence, peer efforts, and positive and realistic outlooks then this remains half the battle. Along this pathway’s itinerary comports the necessity of adherence to prescriptions, maintenance of proper diet and hygiene, and adequate sleep. 

Voices of the Masses and Their Effects

Often victims find solace within the fact that their symptoms and diagnoses exist amongst a wide array of persons. The spectrum of psychosis and its breadth of affectation remain ever present and beholden to the victim. Thus one comfortably affirms that a sort of collective enigma may accept an umbrella and detail the ventures of those who identify as mentally ill. 

The scalar of maladies afflicted by voices includes and for the purposes relegated here, proceeds as follows Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Psychosis, Borderline Personality Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Of these afflictions no correlations exist between subject matter of auditory hallucinations. One lining that threads the myriad of these diseases preludes the effects physically and mentally. Also about this similar strain exists the necessity for treatment. Selective analysis of each disease and its effects on critical homeostasis only seems correct before allaying the schizoid experience. 

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Schizophrenia and its Effects on the Body 

The onslaught of this disease begins during the late teens to early 20’s for men. For women the same follows for their late 20’s to early 30’s. First off, common denial of the voices as auditory hallucinations from the victim remain usual even far into the actual prognosis. Immersion into treatment begins with an initial episode or familiar concerns. Familiar concerns include social withdrawal, depression, poor hygiene, extreme reactions to criticism, expressionless gaze, excessive sleep, insomnia, inability to concentrate, forgetfulness, and trouble with crying, laughter or joy. Surely, one can expect the physical appearance that follows this from issues with hygiene and rings around eyes from lack of sleep. After prescribing medications, managing normal weight remains a difficult task. Dry mouth also serves as an issue and also Parkinsonian’s. These few reign as the most pronounced issues of schizophrenia.

Bipolar Disorder and its Effects on the Body

Now this disease retains two types. The first type, Bipolar I, differs according to the duration and sustenance of depression and mania. Bipolar II sufferers experience a milder level of mania with much more severe depression. Along with this slate comes insomnia, increased heart rate, abnormal weight change, changes in libido, and muscle aches or pains. These issues portray a signpost for a standard Bipolar diagnosis .Following medical consult and prescriptions, which partner with the side effects of hair loss, nausea, tremors, sex issues, and diarrhea. Unfortunately these symptoms coincide with multiples of the cases as 83% of victims experience more severe forms of this disease. 

Psychosis and its Effects on the Body

Psychosis often occurs as a symptom of schizophrenia. However, it often denotes more severe cases of schizophrenia. Warning signs include poor performance with grades or work, trouble concentrating, unease around others, hygiene issues, increase in solitary time, stronger emotions than expected, no emotions at all. This disease on the other hand possesses all the vices of schizophrenia with the additions of tactile hallucinations, visual hallucinations, and delusions. The same side effects from medications ensue as schizophrenia. 

Borderline Personality Disorder and its Effects on the Body

In addressing Borderline Personality Disorder, one perceives the trend of symptoms being predominantly social, instead of physical. Issues include chaotic home situations, job loss, poor self-esteem, lack of social support, feelings of worthlessness, substance abuse, suicidal tendencies, impulsive behavior, lack of financial security, and conflictive relationships. This disease often occurs alongside other mental illnesses. Physical manifestations and consequences include diabetes, heart disease and arthritis .Side effects marked with Borderline Personality Disorder include changes to behavior, confusion, involuntary and uncontrollable muscle movements, vision problems, and seizures. 

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and its Effects on the Body

PTSD can occur in tandem with a number of illnesses. The warning signs associated include, being easily startled, always on guard, self-destructive behavior, trouble sleeping, trouble concentrating, aggressive behavior, overwhelming guilt. Effects on the body result in increased blood pressure and heart rate, fatigue, muscle tension, nausea, joint pain, headaches, back pain or other types of pain. Side effects of medicines are entailed as, Dry mouth, Nausea, Constipation, Diarrhea, Headache, Drowsiness, Insomnia, High or low blood pressure, Lightheadedness, Sexual difficulties, Changes in appetite that can lead to weight gain or loss, Excessive sweating, Blurry vision,  Severe liver damage, Risk of severe mood and behavior changes.

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Account from a Normal Millennial on Voices

Living with mental illness one appears to forget life without voices. Just as a reminder or view into the lifestyle that one would testify to a sort of clarity, the schizoid interviewed his brother The Boring Millennial. The interview detailed the account of what one’s mind sounds like without mental bondage, discrepancies in diet and physical activity, notes from most recent doctor visits, medications taken, and overall outlook on physical health.

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Boring Millennial Mental Menace or Lack Thereof

As one expects with a Boring Millennial not much goes on in terms of their stasis periods. In fact, the Boring Millennial’s stasis period holds dominion over a majority of his life. Only hearing one voice throughout his lifetime and clearly affirming that voice to exist as his own. He asserts a calm and quiet mental environment. He contends clear and absolute control over these voices. As with most folks emotions dictate some level of change over the day to day.

Boring Millennial Physical Health and Diet

For a Boring Millennial, Mayo’s schedule remains packed. A self-affirmed workaholic, he often finds his health falling victim to his work. He laments the loss of gym time due mainly in time to this website. He knows when he misses more than a week from the gym, times appear troublesome. Even without psych meds he finds it difficult to maintain healthy weight as he sometimes binges on food due to schedule changes. These binges often entail food that one labels as junk or trash. His decision making contests his logic and changes according to stress. Though he revels in the comfort behind maintaining one mental voice. He must also deal with racing thoughts. Sex life remains healthy. Meanwhile, he constantly attempts in filling voids or idle mindedness with any form of media or filler possible.

The Boring Millennial tends to avoid doctors. He voices a sense of apprehension concerning doctor’s visits. He states that he worries about actual health issues. Instead of seeking treatment he often puts things off in hopes of maintaining a constant bill of health. Allergy medications remain the only medication he takes faithfully. He cites lack of cardio as a health issue, development of back pain, more sleep, severe allergies, and lack of gym time since website release. All of this aided by a recent regiment of meditation, which he remarks of positively.

Accounts From The Schizoid on Voices

Life with voices from a personal perspective may not bode as terribly as it seems. Although, oftentimes the schizoid exercises a lack of control. These periods as of late contain positive or neutral activity. The voices range from a multitude of people. From former classmates, to current social workers. In the past voices imparted a rampant barrage on daily life. Inability of staying out of the hospital felt normal. In brief the Schizoid resigned to this condition as only right. Hospitals were for getting help and the Schizoid needed help, so it seemed. However, that fact resonated as opinion not fact. In the past common delusions deluded the schizoid into skipping meals and meds. Weight varied depending on the mental menace. Common symptoms coincided with Schizophrenia and Psychosis. The Schizoid burdened by a diagnosis of Psychosis fared pessimistically at first with almost 3 psych hospitalizations a year for 10 years.

The most defined effect on the body reverberated through missed gym sessions. Just like the Boring Millennial, the body appearance since launching the website did not feel ideal. Regardless the main issues with overall health chalked up to increase in heart rate, increased sleep, and loss of muscle mass due to skipped gym sessions. Even so, resonant deniers of the mental divide protest that will power over powers the voices. Yet this frames an illogical argument. One who remains mentally bound simply chooses in forgoing the option to lead a normal productive life. Now that sounds like a very stalwart denial of the truth. While persistence resonates as key in mental bondage. Refusal of the voices will not work all the time. If it did, then perhaps mental illness would be a thing of fiction. 

Final Thoughts Concerning Voices and Their Effects

In summation the concept of mental vocalizations really does not demonstrate one uniform and constant paragon. No matter the source, whether mentally ill or not, at least one voice remains present. That voice and its control remain questions of how severe mental illness reins. Studies do show that with treatment symptoms may taper off with age. Nevertheless, perhaps presently things appear grim. However, even mentally sound individuals attest to similar symptoms of those dealing with mental illness. Heed this as a reminder of how even with mental bondage, one remains fully apt to deal with life in the same manner as the mentally sound. Bear with the symptoms, from weight change to sleep discrepancies. Somehow, some way, light appears at the other end of the tunnel. 

21SCHIZM remains an outlet for those hoping to conquer mental bondage. Ignore the naysayers and deniers of mental illness. Step into the ways of coping in a unified effort. Cultivate healthy and happy relationships. No matter the challenge, realize and treat this like a disease. This means an affirmation that it has symptoms and with each symptom comes a target, like the game darts. Isolate and attack those symptoms. If the voices force you to isolate, attempt to webchat. One might miss the target at times, but always re-up and buckle up. The end goal obviously remains mental security.

Treat the relapses like a best out of three match. Every relapse measures up to one loss out of three chance matches. It is certainly a competition not only for your life but for the enjoyment you get out of life. The schism of mental health exists and it remains 21SCHIZM’s job to educate and inspire those looking for answers.

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