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We want you to stay connected with us, whether that be following us on social media or joining our community. We get it, you’re busy and probably don’t have time to keep up with this site, so if you want to follow us actively follow us on one of our platforms, if you want to be active we’re linking you with like-minded individuals in an effort to combat the chronic solitude and idleness that affects so many of the mentally bound. Foster and nourish relationships with those who get it, not just at the surface but the holistic ideal of who you are.

Reels & our modern day photo album. You’ll see videos & photos here with a mental health theme.

Its currently our favorite video platform. Tik Tok is just a  lot of fun, on here we’ve got a mix of entertaining and informational short videos with a theme of understanding mental health.

Our thoughts in 140 characters or less. We like to write A LOT. Yall dont have the attention span though , so just come here to read the headlines of our articles and react to those(jkjkjk). In all seriousness twitter is nothing new follow us on here to stay up to date on happenings 

A nice clean blog interface, designed for readers and one of our favorite outlets for posting our content. For those that don’t know, Substack is a social media network that allows you to follow writers/blogs by just providing your email. It is the modern day email newsletter and it is done sooo much better. 

Discord is the future of internet groups and  where we’ve chosen to host our community. We know you don’t have time to constantly check our site,  so you can join our discord to keep up to date on when we post new content. 

We told you we like to write, Medium is one of the OG’s of written social media content and another one of our outlets for our posts. 

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