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Signs of the Times: Mental Health Triggers and Warnings

Living For Gold: Some people are really good at checking their mental wavelength, but most are not. In order to help you moderate your mental health here, we are including this segment in hopes that some of us can become better at this function.

Info-Graphic: Onset of symptoms

Where is Happy Land: The World Happiness Report highlights the status of mental well being across the world. We’re offering a comparatively brief summary of the results.

Other News: Ye is facing a lawsuit from former employees at his school Donda Academy. America’s Diner may be tackling mental health amongst employees all wrong. How does Pennsylvania senator John Fetterman cope with depression? The memoir of the survivor of several suicide plots shares his narrative on how not to die by suicide. What effect do music, dance and poetry have on the mind?

Brain Fog

Every person with significant mental health issues in retrospect can identify at least a semblance of the exact moment they were slipping into an episode. If this is true then why don’t we use this chain as a sign of sorts to get help. The simple answer goes along the lines of one’s support system not being aware of these patterns of behavior or the lack of a proper crisis plan.

For me, it’s written all over my eyes, or at least my face, almost literally. Whenever I’m in a potential relapse my ocular gyrate symptom becomes more prominent. This shows through my eyes staying fixed on lights or positioning themselves in an upward fashion. Although, as of late it has occurred without hospitalizations and relatively lesser consequences, still it often causes a mild panic when it happens today without the outcome of an episode.

In others the omen of an oncoming episode shows through hygiene, sleep habits, irritability or other means. Some stop showering or brushing their teeth. Sleep habits are another major sign. Others express sentiments of being more easily angered or halting chores or daily routines. The major pattern emerging as isolation. In all or most of these cases the symptom of isolation by whatever means often stitches the common thread.



Early Psychosis Intervention Ontario Network

Part or the art of coping with mental illness is the technique of knowing the onset of symptoms. This infographic highlights the key moments of recognizing the onset of psychosis. By monitoring these symptoms in everyday life one can isolate the triggers and causes of psychosis. When my mental illness began to surface I remember the distinct symptom of the over personalization of events, songs and social media. I literally believed my teachers were fashioning lectures toward the subject of my life. This continues on to today, as I sometimes must delegitimize certain narratives in my own mind. Examples include explaining to myself, that coincidences do in fact exist between my own life and things discussed in media and real life. Regardless, I believe if more people know more about the symptoms they may be able to more adequately identify their triggers.

Where is Happy Land

What can where you live, tell you about your own happiness or mental well being. First we would need to identify a metric for discerning the happiness of the average individual. The World Happiness Report offers this very metric. The defining characteristics or dataset measured looks at how satisfied one is with their current life, analyzing what habits, institutions and material conditions that influence well being and also factors of virtue and character. In short its a measure of how apt your nation is toward contributing positive and happy figures toward society. Here are the key elements that contribute toward the happiness of a nation; mental and physical health, human relationships, income and employment, character virtues, social support, personal freedom, lack of corruption, and effective government. The top 3 happiest nations are Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. While the 3 saddest nations are Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Sierra Leone.

Other News

School of West: Kanye West is facing a lawsuit for how his Donda Academy operated by two former employees, one of them claims that “It’s like a mental hospital being run by the patients.”

America’s Diner: Denny’s is another of many corporations attempting to implement mental health programs for employees. But is it actually effective. Here’s the story.

Fetterman Depression: John Fetterman suffered from depression after his rise to senator of Pennsylvania.

Staying Alive: This segment highlights the story of a multiple suicide survivor and her advice on not dying by suicide.

Brain Building: This NPR segment tells of brain development and the impact of art on the brain.

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