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The Story

The 21 Schizm Founding Team

What is the "schizm" of the 21st Century or 21schizm?

In modern times there exists an extensive divide between the mentally sound and the mentally bound. The mentally bound find themselves caught in an ever present struggle to maintain an identity that meshes with the majority. Lost within that struggle is the very voice that sets them apart. The muffled voice is what we intend to reconcile with the outside world. 21SCHIZM intends to posit that dark passenger, that schizoid, that insanity in a lens that makes sense even to the most resounding deniers of the mental divide. In brief we put forthright and out front the normalcy of mental illness, in an effort to destigmatize the stigmatized. 

Why are we relevant?

We intend in representing an ideal example for anyone visiting 21SCHIZM. We believe in the importance of embodying the message that we convey to our audience. One of our founders, Mafeyi struggled and still struggles with schizophrenia since the age of 16 and has been on the losing side of that battle for many years. However, Maf and his brother Mayo sat down and had that always difficult conversation of figuring out what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Having had this discussion many times in the past. These discussions, usually resolved by walking away with some ‘traditional’ solution and ultimately resulting in Maf learning some new skill or trade. Later these solutions often concluded with him putting in a significant amount of work to getting close, but having a relapse/setback due to his mental illness. Thus, wiping away any forward progress he had made. 


However, this meeting was different. The two decided to focus directly on Maf’s passions in life. Thereafter, leveraging that often forgotten skill, his talent as a writer. In high school, he excelled as an excellent writer. Afterwards he took those talents on to college where he joined one of his college journal teams. Once Maf was fully on board, things changed. He felt like he had purpose again.  Then he realized how that manifested in his overall outlook on life. The two set in the motive of building a mental health platform. 21SCHIZM as a platform’s ultimate goal being the educating, entertaining, and inspiring of those dealing with mental health diagnoses and their support systems. 

What Is our mission?

We wanted to create a platform that educates, entertains and inspires anyone affected by mental illness. This includes everyone from family members, to friends, to educators, coworkers, and most importantly the person experiencing the mental illness themselves. We at 21SCHIZM know that a mental illness diagnosis is far from an ideal situation. Also we acknowledge that it comes with a lifelong battle of challenges for that person and the support system surrounding them. However, we are here to remind everyone that a diagnosis does not equal a death sentence. Moreover, we intend to encourage you to think outside the box for yourself, your family member or friend and embrace your talents, strengths and weaknesses.

Note we are not WebMD. Hell, we aren’t even MD’s. We are bridging the gap of the mental division. This is a website for people battling mental health issues built by people battling mental health issues.

— Maf & Mayo —


TLDR: The 21st Century Schizoid Man

 I am the 21st century schizoid man of 21SCHIZM. I am a Nigerian American male, high school graduate with some college education. First and foremost, I’d like to state that my role as the 21st century schizoid man was not planned or really even welcome at first. If you would like a mental picture, imagine your whole world being flipped by a single medical diagnosis. Then couple that with a brief incarceration in a juvenile detention center at the age of 16. Indeed I have had my share of ups and down, from a full ride scholarship to the University of Michigan to a record of at least 25 psych hospitalizations.

None of these events can wholly captivate the essence of my being. Instead of writing down every consequential or inconsequential moment specific to my life, I would like to propose a bargain. Walk with me, walk with me as I document every formative moment and meditation that sums into my experience of mental illness.

Welcome to my psychosis, my life, and my pain. Over the course of this composition, I intend to relay to you the things I wish I knew, the things I wish others didn’t know about me, and the things that manifested in any type of emotion or feeling exclusive to my existence. Furthermore, I am embracing my history of diagnoses and failures. In an effort of making your illness a little bit more bearable. Yes, I am optimistic, both about the impact of my story and the effect it has in bridging the SCHIZM of the mentally bound and mentally sound. Through this process I expend every moment and intention toward the career of helping you cope whilst in tandem coping myself. My reward in this bargain is the bliss of knowing that I touched somebody’s life. While your possible rewards, are literally endless


TLDR: The Boring Millenial

 I’m Maf’s older brother. Undoubtedly, I have had the pleasure of being directly involved in a lot of defining moments in Maf’s life. Often on our platform we like to talk about support side schizonomics. Honestly, this is a phrase that Maf coined that stands for the family members and friends. The ones that are always there to unconditionally support, uplift, and guide those dealing with mental health illnesses. So a little background about me, I work as an engineer, and am passionate about building businesses. There. Thats It. Enough said. You’re not here for me, you’re really here to learn about the beautiful, dark twisted world of Mental Health.