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Million Dollar Baby: Price of Mental Health in Athletics

Living For Gold: For athletes attempting to evict the shadows and tenants of mental health from their minds, the rent is too damn low. But those property costs are receiving more attention these days and hopefully soon their minds could receive another sort of stimulus package freeing their minds of these negative tenants.

Info-Graphic: Money and mental health of athletes.

Artful Dodger: The Dodgers are putting their money where it matters by keeping Andrew Toles on payroll even though he’s doesn’t actually play for them anymore. They are helping him dodge insurance rates for his mental illness.

Other News: What are some ways to make the corporate world more friendly for mental health? Could electromagnetic energy be the source of certain neurological disorders among US intelligence officers? Making Narcan an over the counter drug could save opioid addiction victims. Why are students of India’s elite universities falling victim to suicide? This soccer player is committing himself to a mental health care program for cheating.

Brain Fog

Beija Marie Velez’s new show “Like a Girl” depicts the challenges and issues surrounding mental health in athletics for women. This is groundbreaking for the mental health community and sports community alike. Never before has mental health been highlighted in such a visceral form or from such a relatable perspective. In the first episode Gold medal Olympian volleyball player April Ross cites the main obstacle to adequate mental health care amongst elite athletes as costs.

According to her the health care system does not treat mental illness with as much tact as other physical conditions. Apparently co-pays are much more expensive for mental health care. Perhaps this remains true due to the stigma placed around mental illness. Ross herself states that asking for help parallels an athlete admitting failure which is a obviously taboo amongst athletes.

For Ross it got so bad that she felt like she was “having a 24/7 panic attack and [she] couldn’t control how [she] was feeling.” It is only as of late that attitudes toward mental health and athletics have found a common ground. Across the board for athletes the field is changing. The rent for the tenants who remain holed up in our minds is too low, yet the cost for housing them is too expensive. The only solution is eviction but getting these trespassers out of your mind may take a little help or what you may call mental gymnastics or mental finesse.



As time progresses the attention and expenditures devoted toward the mental health of athletes shows much more growth. The collective of sports as a whole has evolved in terms of how mental health is perceived. We see numerous examples of figures and costs being imported toward different mental health programs. These efforts displayed only represent a portion of funds being poured into mental health initiatives. The movement is developing. We can see the destigmatization in media and funds. For media Beija Velez’s show “Like a Girl” presents the prime example of discussions deepening for the public. These examples aim to make it okay not to be okay. 21SCHIZM loves the message and progress being made for the next generations of athletes.

Artful Dodger

We are definitely here for any form of deception that sticks it to the money grubbing United States health care system. In this case a professional baseball team is footing the bill for a former team member who fell on some hard times. Andrew Toles continues to receive mental health treatment on the Dodgers team insurance, even though he hasn’t actually played for them since 2018.

The team keeps him on payroll but does not give him a salary. The team rewarded him for his service and play time by keeping him on their team insurance without having to play. As stated before in the “Living For Gold” segment mental health care for athletes is not cheap. This token of appreciation goes a long way for the person effected by mental illness and also those around them. His family expresses gratitude and love for their son as they get him the care he needs and deserves. This Artful Dodger deserves a lot of support.

Other News

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