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What’s in The Cards? Gamifying Your Mindset

Teamwords: The makers of this game claim that instead of just talking about tasks this game will result in actual progress and accomplishing tasks for teams.

Info-Graphic: Selecting board games.

Ungame: The card game Ungame offers a method for discussing both hard and hard topics

Other News: Did the pandemic make us nicer? How well does brain plasticity work in the real world? Pets may bring life lessons relating to love and grief. India is unhappy or at least that is what the population’s trend says according to the World Happiness Report? Ugandan politics is villainizing the LGBTQ community with it new legislation.

Brain Fog

Mary and David Sherwin have broken down teamwork to a science and better yet, they’ve made it fun. If you are working with a team in the professional field or school “Teamwords” will put the team in the right frame of mind. One complaint that many voice while working in a team is the lack or use of poor communication. The game places intentions, goals, and motives out in the forthright. By communicating what you expect from your team through this game, the team develops focus for working together. Operating under the basis that different words mean different things to different people, “Teamwords” exposes this as a disadvantage and seeks to correct it.

Understanding that all participants identify their ambitions prior to initiating their work leads to a much better position to accomplish tasks. So how do you play “Teamwords,” each “working deck” holds 44 cards, every card reads a different word relating or describing how teams should work. The box includes teambuilding activities, but the way one plays is that every member of the team gets a working deck and selects 3 card that describe what or how they want the team to do or act. Afterwards from the complete selection of all members the group then decides on which three the whole team will focus on. The trick here being that the team must discuss everyone’s 3 selected cards before.

The ultimate goal of this game resolves the issue of poor communication. This game bases the 44 words off of years of psychological research from multiple locations. One things for sure if changing the world or just your own life this game has what it takes for your team to step their game up.



Having trouble selecting a board game that fits your needs or interests. This extensive flow chart offers a creative and fun little way to select a board game that fits your interests. Sorry for the long infographic but this method of selecting a board game seemed too interesting to ignore. The beginning of the flow chart starts on the middle of the image where it asks solo or more players. This infographic seems to have something for everyone. Some of the games listed are more obscure but once again its more inclusive for players. Board games often ease social situations. Regardless, hopefully this introduces you to more interesting board games that fit your scenario. Board games are great for all types of people and as you can see there are board games for everybody.


Ungame provides an interesting and engaging way to start conversations. It encourages self-expression. I myself learned about this card game while in inpatient. It offers a low stake, non-competitive way to break the ice or begin a discussion on relevant topics. There are different setups on gameplay and even a variation with a board game. The pocket version requires the players to pick a card and discuss the topic on the card. An example would be a card that reads “when do you feel nervous” and the player would then discuss things relating to the topic. The board game variation requires for the rolling of dice and doing what the board reads. Two major options on the board include sharing a life experience or a thought for the day. The first being self explanatory while thought for the day offers a card with a quote and the player must elaborate on how it applies to them. Once again the key here being communication.

Other News

Cordial Pandemic: The world happiness report claims we have gotten nicer since the pandemic.

Brain Recovery: This segment highlights the story of a girl who had half of her brain surgically removed. Thanks to brain plasticity she is able to live a productive and fruitful life.

Animals and Life Lessons: Animals, specifically pets have much to teach us about love and grief according to this veterinarian.

India’s Plight: India is among the least happy nations, even worse off than war torn Ukraine. Here’s the story.

Ugandan Bigotry: Ugandan government has implemented harsh measures for LGBTQ. Individuals found to be LGBTQ face 10 years in prison or in some cases death.

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