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We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People: Psychopaths and Power

**Why Psychos Rise to Power: “**Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Info-Graphic: Crazy on the silver screen.

Charitable Mindsets: The joy of giving

Other News: Does daylight savings time cause more harm on the roads than usual? If you are too sad to clean anything this article makes the case for cleaning one part of your home even through the sadness. Three syllables food service people loathe to hear “surprise me.” Does your child have Oppositional Defiance Disorder, here are the signs? What is revenge spending and why should you avoid it?

Brain Fog

A wise man once said no one “man” should have all that power and like every popular quote ever uttered before, multiple people parroted the sentiment(I’m talking about Kanye, or maybe he’s the parrot or maybe he’s the “man”, who knows?) Anyways power is a hell of a drug as it even alters the brain. It makes one less apt to empathy for other people. In terms of what happens when you get it, now that is a matter of what type of person you yourself are.

By definition power hungry people seek out, well, power and with that personality trait comes loads and loads of negativity. A person diagnosed with ASPD or psychopathy tends to exhibit little regard for the emotions or distress of others and acts impulsively, which leads them to exhibit unstable and aggressive behavior.

Systems of power are skewed to support those who take advantage of the system by the idea of self-selection bias. This means that those who fit the build for power are more likely to get it, i.e dictators, cult leaders, or even alien overlords (Futurama). People with negative personality traits seek out positions of leadership, much more than those without.

Evolutionarily, one trait remains the same from our ancestors up until today. We love strong and domineering men as leaders, especially in times of trouble. Although, we do occasionally get it right and support the best candidate regardless of sex or body type and selecting upon the content of character. Numerous examples exist even in modern times such as North Korea’s “Dear Leader” or Vladimir Putin. This concept known as the Strong Man explains exactly why dictators tend to appear as strong men. Even the best dictators, if there are any are at least slightly crazy.



Personally I have seen all of these films, except for Chinatown and Bonnie and Clyde. Totaling over 1 billion altogether in profit, the looming question in mind is why do our our minds intertwine so seamlessly with the plots of psychopaths. We seem to be infatuated with psychos. Whether we intend to live vicariously through them or just like their little quirks and nuances, the truth is we love crazy.

No matter the era of entertainment and especially in modern times we identify with that part of ourselves that tends to reside deeply inside of us. Even during Shakespeare’s time we see a love for crazy antics. All in all, the truth is this is society’s guilty pleasure and it will remain so for a long time after. For those of us that actually foster quirks in mental health or even remain bound by mental illness this love of crazy is frightening considering the stigma amongst our own communities.

Charitable Mindsets

Apparently, giving charitably rewards the brain with the same chemicals as those of romance or even eating. That sounds a little sketch to me, because in firsthand my brain on food relays more positive feels than most things. However, to the trained eye or better yet the trained mind, all kinds of giving provide the mind with fulfilling type of high, unmatched by that of any other substance or product. In proper practice giving through volunteering or meditating on what you give does more for the brain than just dedicating a certain part of your paycheck to a random cause. The joy occurs when that action requires more effort on your behalf. The main positive occurs when one has an impact that allows for a tangible or noticeable impact.

Other News

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