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Worlds Apart: Schizophrenia and Different Cultures

Global Perception: Understanding schizophrenia across the globe tends to carry different connotations depending on where you are.

Info-Graphic: Global schizophrenia.

The World Beyond Borders: The different perceptions of the multiverse.

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Brain Fog

Far and wide we can observe the effects any given disease has on certain populations. Cancer is cancer and displays similar symptoms across the world and diabetes is diabetes. Schizophrenia however, paints a much more inconsistent image. In terms of disease expression, schizophrenia tends to manifest in different regions with different undertones. In developing nations hallucinations are cited to be much more pleasant or “nicer.” Americans claimed their hallucinations to only have negative tones while representatives from Ghana and India heard hallucinations that were playful or entertaining.

In terms of delusions, the underlying themes of religion were found to be more prevalent in Germans and Austrians with the overall conclusion being poisoning or death. In Japan on the other hand where subjects were found to be irreligious, delusions depicted persecution or slander by co-workers. Although this does not matter to the individual, the trends across different populations are quite alarming. The truth is that other nations, outside of America as whole and certain areas of the west invite or at least tolerate mental illness as a spiritual force.

That said, it should not be a wonder why Americans consider all voices to be negative. Certainly, high stress lifestyles play a part in psychosis. All in all while Americans like to consider their mental health as a solitary experience, foreigners are more likely to attribute their voices to the supernatural and relatives. I for one don’t know who to blame my schizophrenia on but it is helpful to know I’m not alone.




Mental illnesses oftentimes seem like afflictions that remain a luxury for those residing in wealthier countries. However, schizophrenia does exist outside of the first world and in large quantities at that. Is mental health just a luxury or maybe it does not receive enough attention in the countries where treatment is necessary. The latter probably proves more true as this only represents estimations of prevalent cases. With China reigning as the dominant schizophrenic population with a populous of over 5.5 million/1.4 Billion sufferers and India second at 4.03 million/1.383 billion. The United States ranks third, with 1.61 million. The underlying theme being that economy or living space should not dictate mental health.

The World Beyond Borders

I personally have always envied the idea that in the multiverse there could be another me with a much better life. Cosmology as one of the outlooks on our existence poses the logical assumption that since the world outside of our own existence is vast and wide other rules and physics must apply somewhere else. Simply put, just because our existence is so small compared to the vastness of the universe, the multiverse must exist, because why not. In the past this concept explained the multiverse question best.

Today however the leading model is the quantum mechanic method. The many worlds of quantum mechanics asserts that if we look at the universe objectively by measuring something we actually miss or do not perceive the other subjects only because we chose to measure something else instead. Almost like the age old question asking, “If a tree falls and nobody is there to hear it does it still make a sound.” This model would assert yes. As this method would dictate a whole other parallel universe exists with another version of you. When you measure any given thing the outcome becomes constant. So a tangible or plausible example of the multiverse theory would be the prospect of virtual reality.

I find some envy in the idea that there could be another me with a better life. Point and case make your own universe so you don’t have to deal with multiverse envy. Follow this link for a more complete explanation of the multiverse theory. As if there weren’t enough reasons for anxiety.

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