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ARFID: When we talk about eating disorders, ideas like anorexia or bulimia come to mind. We rarely hear stories like that of Summer Monro who has survived on chicken nuggets for 22 years. This is Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder and it’s more than just being picky.

Info-Graphic: The figures in fast food.

MyFitnessPal: Keeping a food journal may encourage better dietary habits. This app frames the perfect approach for doing just that.

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Brain Fog

The concept of Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder baffles most modern scientists and physicians. The disorder is relatively new to researchers as it was previously referred to as selective eating disorder. At this stage the cause of the disorder is not understood yet. The disorder makes it tough for the victim to consume enough calories for sustaining proper body function. Unlike anorexia the disorder is not correlated to perception of body images or similar social pressures. The symptoms show through extreme food sensitivity, fear of choking or even fear of food itself.

3.2% of the general population shows symptoms. Between 14% and 22.5% of all children in pediatric eating disorder treatment programs suffer from this disorder. For many this is more than just being picky, because even the statement “just try it” has negative consequences for the victims.

In the case of Summer Monro she has not consumed an actual fruit or vegetable in 22 years. She survives on a diet of chicken nuggets, French fries, and potato chips and yet is somehow still “healthy.” She claims she cannot eat apples because it makes her physically sick. Her physician remarked her diet of chicken nuggets provide ample protein. She loves the smell of food but actually consuming it is a problem.

Sure there are skeptics as there are with most eating disorders or mental illnesses. However, with ARFID, similar to diseases like schizophrenia, there are people who don’t understand the actual symptoms. All in all what matters is the approach to caring about your body, your way. There is no golden rule to living a long and worthwhile life besides to live your own best life. Holistic care means looking at your life and dedicating more effort toward tailoring a health plan that suits you.



Eating cheap and healthy, these days is not as easy as one would like. In fact a surprising detail about about weight and disease is that more people die from being obese in the world than being malnourished. The top vegetable consumed in the US is actually the “French fry,” kind of odd because the info-graphic even goes on to say the fry is otherwise known as the potato. All the signs and numbers point to a problem yet the US is obsessed with fats, sugars, and syrups. There are however alternatives to the fast food staples we know and love today. Choosing a veggie burger over a regular burger is one simple way to fight obesity. Besides the physical health concerns, we also must worry about the addictive and depressive effects that these foods possess. Fast food brings remorse with its consumption for some and increases emotions of anxiety and depression.


MyFitnessPal, a smartphone application seeks to put a better well being in your pocket. The app claims to have helped its clients lose a total of 200 million pounds in total. Food trackers encourage mindfulness and awareness of eating habits. This one in particular allows for a structural approach to observing diet. Not only does the app offer a wide range of nutrients and foods, but it also offers a variety of measurements. It makes your intake monitoring much easier. In terms of shortcomings the app may underestimate the amount of calories needed to lose, gain or maintain weight. Also exercise is mandatory on the free version, meaning that you cannot just track your diet. The premium version does away with the prior issue and also allows for input by barcode scanning.

Other News

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