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You Good, Dog? Yeah I’m Cool, Cat.

(Wo)Man’s Best Friend: Caring for your dog has just gotten a wee bit more complicated. As our understanding of the complexities of the human mind advance, as to must our attention toward man’s best friend.

Info-Graphic: Foods that agree with your pets.

Bubbles the Chimp: Have you ever seen that chimp that used to hang around and live with Michael Jackson.

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We all know the story about the evolution of the relationship between canines and humans. A dog or wolf (what have you) wandered into the compound of some caveman looking for food. In the process the wolf/dog naturally needed to protect themselves from possible threats so they would attempt to scare away predators or thieves with their howls and barks. As a reward for warding off predators the humans would provide the dog/wolf with some sort of nourishment.

That brings us to today where our four legged friends showcase the ability of protecting the compound like their ancestors by barking at the mailman or whenever the doorbell rings. I guess our old friends haven’t learned new tricks. They have however, pivoted their abilities toward tending to our emotional well being, hence the term man’s best friend. With all their support, a large and looming question presents itself. What about my needs? Not mine in the sense of the author, but mine in the sense of the subject presented, i.e the dog.

In order to give your dog peace of mind, here are some things that you may want to try. First consider investing in interactive activities like Kong toys. They keep your dog’s attention and exert healthy mental energy. Next use positive reinforcement techniques while training or teaching your dog. This means supplying your dog with treats, snuggles, or positive attention whenever it does something good. Third keep your dogs instincts in mind. For example playing fetch with a retriever breed makes sense. I’ve tried fetch with my Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix and it did not really work. However when I had a golden retriever fetch came naturally to him. One more suggestion is to seek assistance from dog behavior consultant just to make sure your dog really is good.




It’s helpful to know which foods to feed and not to feed to your pets. This nifty little infographic offers the selections of what not to feed your pets and also healthy treats and foods which will please and agree with your pets digestive system. It seems for almost all pets chocolate surprisingly presents itself as a no go. Another strange fact is how many fruits and vegetables represent threats to our furry friends. And somehow the story behind bugs bunny, our friendly furry animated friend and carrots is not exactly true. Unfortunately for rabbit enthusiasts the truth is that that carrots may cause more harm than satisfaction. Apparently the sugar level of carrots displays levels too high for a rabbit to employ it as a main source of nourishment.

Bubbles the Chimp

Us millennials may remember a man by the name of Michael Jackson. This segment is not about him, but it is about one of his closest confidants, Bubbles the chimpanzee. Living as an emotional support animal before ESAs became a thing. Millennials today may also remember the character that is Bubbles, were getting old guys, face it. Unfortunately so is Bubbles. Today he lives at the Center of Great Apes in Wauchula Florida. In the past he had a brief tangle with showbiz but now he shies away from the cameras. Bubbles hates cameras, as he often can be seen turning his back to them and spitting water at those who try photograph him. We’ve seen what Hollywood did to Michael now it is kind of sad to see what Hollywood did to his buddy bubbles. This newsletter should serve as a PSA to all humans out there that believe only humans experience complex emotions and mental health issues. Animals have feelings too!

Other News

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