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Don’t Watch Me! Watch TV!

Watching Reruns: Rewatching your favorite TV show may carry more psychological benefits than you think.

Info-Graphic: Long stories in a short amount of time.

Psychology Behind Netflix: How Netflix survives the streaming industry with you in mind.

Other News: So what is short sleeper syndrome? Corporal punishment is beating and that is abuse and it may have more negative consequences than intended. Here are some alternatives to melatonin. Fear is hiding in your brain and maybe scientists have figured out where. Did you know there were techniques to breathing that my offer you more mental health benefits?

Brain Fog

So l was watching the show Scrubs and I realized that I’ve had to have watched the whole series at least five times through(Yes all 182 Episodes 😂). It got me thinking as to why do we(I) do this? I thought about it a little bit & here’s what I came up with. Life always seems more interesting on screen so experiencing the same moments over and over again with the same characters offers a sense of mental stability. In fact watching the same show again offers certain mental health advantages. For starters we don’t need to devote as much mental energy, because we know how the show will progress. This introduces the concept of cognitive load. This stands in opposition to the idea of watching a new show, because with a new show you get caught up in all the anticipation and following on.

Also revisiting a show comes with levels of higher self-control and restorative energy. Instead of tempting oneself with the problem of having to finish a TV show, one can find comfort in the fact they already know what is going to happen. As a result the person can focus on their task with high restraint. The self control translates into more energy for work related tasks.

Another idea central to this practice comes as the mere exposure effect. This effect contends that the more we are exposed to something the more we like it.

Finally the last benefit that re-watching a TV show offers comes as the sense of community that each TV show holds. Within each show stands the cast and that cast presents a comfortable springboard for whatever your heart holds. You adopt a new community that you can live through by the screen alone. In all honesty there really are not many better ways to waste your time, especially when you know how its going to end, with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart.




On the topic of viewing Television series, this graphic presents the amount of time one would take to binge watch the entirety of these animated series. I decided on the graphic covering animation to be all inclusive. However, some of the series are not kid friendly like 21SCHIZM favorite Futurama. Regardless it does provide interesting figures for making a practical schedule for watching these animated series. The reality represented shows that modern television requires a wealth of mental energy. Seeing as one would likely have to view their series with sleep and productivity in mind, this actually takes more mental work than expected. Also emotional responses seek more devotions to the brain and these shows have a lot to unpack. Long story short is these series allow long stories in a relatively short amount of time.

Psychology Behind Netflix

Netflix leads the streaming industry, but they still have not forgotten how to cater to your specific needs. Netflix is a big company but they did not get there by lollygagging. There is a reason why they think they can leverage affordability and demand. Here’s what they did to appeal to the average user, psychologically. They used the reciprocity principle which means responding to something positive with something positive. For Netflix this meant providing users with brief but potent sneak peak. Another psychological effort they use is the cocktail party effect which means they took interest in you as an individual and catered to your specific preferences. This is why more than 80% of the consumed content came from recommendations. Lastly, they used idleness aversion which works by keeping you busy. Have you ever noticed how the trailer pays after you focus on the title too long. They are doing this to maintain your attention. Who knew entertainment and psychology intertwined so seamlessly? Well everyone. But I bet they did not know the specifics.

Other News

Short Sleeper: If you sleep for 5 hours or less a night and can still function then you may be part of select group of overachievers. Check it out.

Trauma of Abuse: The use of corporal punishment may have longer term effects than just tears. Here’s the story.

Sleep Supplements: This article presents 3 alternatives to melatonin which sometimes makes users feel groggy.

Map of Fear: This source claims to have found the place where fears hide in the brain.

Breathing Techniques: Ever watch Demon Slayer? If so you are familiar with the breathing techniques, maybe. Anyways breathing does have certain effects on the mind, unrelated to Demon Slayer.

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