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Is There More to This Life? Virtually, Yes.

Extended Reality: We just may be breaching life’s new frontier and the environment which hold this landmark may be all in our heads.

Info-Graphic: Virtual reality in mental health.

Oreoverse: The tasty cookie’s attempt at the metaverse is almost as enticing as the cookie itself. Or maybe its just exciting because of the business model it is setting precedence for.

Other News: What are 5 things you can do tackle physical mess in your environment to make your mental a little more bearable? The humanity health app looks to extend your mortality. Here is how to cope with certain workplace anxieties. We all know how stressful school can be, here are some tips on how to maintain your cool while dealing in matters of college. A Harvard neuroscientist believes they have found a trait that all successful people possess.

Brain Fog

Bad news for us crazy people, the new frontier may be all in our heads. Besides the cliche of the world telling us it’s all in our heads another cliche comes to mind on the subject here, statement being “is this reality or am I dreaming,” no it’s extended reality. More unfortunately for us and maybe even the no so crazy ones is the concept that it in all truth, one might be justified in claiming that the new frontier is actually in our heads or at least our headsets.

The prospect of virtual reality establishes new ground on the subject of treating mental illness. This technology appears as real as it gets (for now anyways.) Which seems awesome because one can grapple with their triggers for whatever effects them in a safe setting. In brief extended reality serves as a universal term inclusive to immersive learning technologies virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

The devices’ user interacts with a simulated environment which mimics or facilitates a setting that seeks to present an artificial and authentic experience similar to standard reality. Perhaps the end goal being complete and total immersion of any being into the internet at least I wish, c’mon immortality. At present, usage in the mental health field intends in leveraging the virtual aspect by exposing the client to stimuli and triggers representing the reality of the interaction. An example would be the use of a headset and its visual representation to confront a fear of spiders by presenting a spider on screen, without actually being in the presence of a real spider.

While this all seems good in concept, there are some negatives to such technology. The pricing of the devices currently range on the more expensive end. Also the learning curve for novices presents concern. Some subjects complain of virtual reality sickness manifesting in nausea, balance disorder and vomiting. The most apparent negative resides in the issue of dissociation as users claim a checking out of objective reality. The user feels somehow different from their normal disposition or in some scenarios intends to prolong use.




This figure shows the range of application of virtual reality in the current mental health field. Altogether 27 virtual reality health care providers were questioned. Usage during medical procedures reported the highest group with 11 providers. The overlapping figures like pain disorder and generalized anxiety disorder represent the same 5 providers addressing the two issues under one banner. The basis of mental health clearly appears of presenting change. Hopefully, this method will present advantages in the future, especially while using the tech for methods like exposure therapy. Once again I’m throwing my hat in the ring for the development of immortality.


Oreo can show you the world. Actually Oreo can show you its world. By scanning a pack of the special edition “The Most Oreo Oreo” with your meta compatible virtual reality headset a whole new world reveals itself. No magic carpet necessary as you wander through an immersive experience of sweets and Oreo bliss. The project sweetens the deal by promising a reward of $50,000 to select few users. With household name Martha Stewart as a face of the new campaign. Oreo is leading the pack with this new business model and 21SCHIZM is here for it. What in the world is Oreo thinking? Maybe they are thinking this may be the gateway to bridging the consumer merchant divide as they venture into the field of modern mentality. Perhaps this begins the nexus between the mind and the Web. The web 3.0, that is.

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