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Practice Makes Perfect: But Does it Really Though?

10,000 Hour Rule: Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule, dictates that to become an expert in any field requires at least 10,000 hours of practice. It sounds legit but how does it measure up to real testing.

Info-Graphic: Athletes hours of sleep and performance.

Captain America: Who is Sam Hargrave and what does he have to do with Captain America?

Other News: Here’s some advice for shutting down at nighttime. Ever wonder about the science of why we humans love music. Eating disorders exist and do not deserve the shame we associate with them and this story tells the story of a woman and her experience with such disorders. Native American’s are suffering from more death’s of despair than their white counterparts, why though? Supplementing vitamin D in veteran’s regimen may account for lower suicide rates.

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So rumor is 10,000 hours of practice makes you perfect, is this true or not? According to acclaimed author Malcolm Gladwell if you haven’t heard of him, chances are that may just be the reason you’re not where you want to be in life. In the less likely event that you have heard of him, because who really is completely satisfied with their current position in life then you must be familiar with his 10,000 hour rule.

It makes enough sense, in line with advice most have received by now in life. Devote mental time and capacity to practice. Practice supposedly builds potential and potential translates into achievement. However, since Gladwell’s cited research by Ander’s Ericsson initial study on violinists, the cohorts which he chose to prove the concept, research has gradually chipped away at the credibility of the study.

The truth is no amount of practice can guarantee perfection. Although the initial study showed that violinists who practiced for at least 10,000 hours earned elite status, the researcher himself, Ericsson, claimed that there really is no magic number for perfection. He cited an average and not a total of 10,000 hours amongst elite performers. Bottom line is success does take practice and mental power. That magic number of time may not be as simple as some would hope and dedication to the practice requires mental restraint.

If you ask me, it’s a bit of a relief that I don’t officially need to work at something for 10,000 hours to become an expert. I guess I’m hoping for less time than 10,000 hours.



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We all know sleep is important but could sleeping more contribute to athletic prowess? Apparently so, as Roger Federer puts it, he needs 11-12 hours of sleep everyday to remain in tip top shape. While once again there remains no magic figure for amount of sleep, experts do highlight better performance for those getting at least 7 hours of sleep. That’s just for the average person imagine having to perform at the high caliber of a professional athlete, physically. The figure of decline in the max bench after sleep restriction stands to verify that sleep certainly does have an effect on athleticism.

If this factored into the 10,000 hour rule, there would be much more perfection and success all across the board. More sleep seems to sharpen the mental factor for athleticism. Figures, such as the 17% improvement off the swimmer’s starting block serves as proof. While higher rates of sleep may accompany better performance athletically, this pattern does not translate well in the professional world.. Take for example investment bankers who sleep 5 hours a night or a doctor’s 6-8 hours of sleep.

Captain America | Get Your Mind & Body Right

Sam Hargrave is the person behind the real action of Captain America. For every stunt of his that you have to wonder how did he do that? He’s the one behind the mask and even though he doesn’t always get recognition for his roles, were here to give him his flowers. He overcomes the menace behind every stunt. Only because he has put in the work for excellence. He personifies the concept of mind over matter. This man practices and while it may not have been for 10,000 hours, he’s still an expert. His regimen factors in martial arts training, core work, and aesthetic exercises. He is a testament to the statement practice makes perfect as he manipulates his physical and mental ability to the peak point of performance. He wants it and goes for it, for a look at his fitness regimen, follow this link. Get your body where your mind should be.

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