My First Episode of Psychosis and Where It Occurred

Lost among the mystery of the initial event of ‘losing one’s mind’ usually arrives the mysticism of the particular locations behind the delusion. That said, for many sufferers, the first and earliest episode of psychosis sometimes affects the victim so profoundly that the trauma and locus escape the mind of those involved. Likewise the separate parties involved may interpret and divulge information in muddled manners. The opposite may also be true, as the human mind exhibits itself in a multitude of ways when tasked with deciphering locations.

In my case one fact consistent with all parties, even on legal record, persists that the bulk of activity occurred at my home in metro Detroit. Subsequently, in the police car and then at the juvenile detention center. 

The issue began in the basement. As I perhaps incorrectly or correctly noted the strange behavior of the computer. If you subscribe to the latter, you may receive labels as an enabler, or not who knows? Even so the first manifestation that sealed the deal contracted between myself and my brother. However, his account may differ due to his deficiencies in memory. He never fails in lamenting about his memory skills. If one listens to the podcast faithfully enough they may notice these lamentations. My first brush with psychosis “THE MEDIA IS BUGGED!” I declared this with boldness and finality. No arguments about it. I was deadset. My brother does agree with this portion. While my mother and sister were not yet wise to my delusions. 

The First Episode of Psychosis can Happen Anywhere

The description of the basement setting proceeds as follows, an unfinished damp, moldy and mildewed, short-ceilinged chamber. The tiles on the floor were scattered and the smell, very musty and moist. Next came the upstairs bout of the issue. This portion of the ordeal occurred in the communal space of the dining room and parlor. The kitchen had recently been updated so strangely enough I made efforts not to cause too much trouble there. The living room however was fair game so I flipped on the television and low and behold the TV for some reason was on a loop of the new Kanye West Power video. I of course strung this along with the setting as a major sign.

Afterwards, I ran outside of the house into the confines of what was my neighborhood. We lived in a black lower middle class neighborhood sandwiched in between urban and suburban cities. Our neighborhood found itself muddled in the center of about four other major cities. My neighborhood was fairly quiet, that is until my episodes began disturbing the peace. Mostly one-story four bedroom one or two bathroom houses with basements. Driveways that allowed three or four cars.

Police Cars Are Very Uncomfortable

Soon my brother grappled with me back to the house where I ran straight to my mother’s room. A small room with a central bed, desktop set and 3 columned dresser. Finally, came the police, they grabbed me and threw me straight in the back of the squad car. For those of us not lucky enough to have ever been in such company, I’ll describe it simply and concisely enough. It is uncomfortable. I will let the rest surprise you!

First Episode of Psychosis
Photo by Alaksiej Čarankievič on Unsplash

Wherever you are right now or will be in a couple minutes, you are presumably on 21SCHIZM, just envision not being in control of your own consciousness. Of course this sounds inconceivable or ridiculous, but for 3 out of 100 people that first episode of psychosis overtakes them in the current moment. These moments of clarity retain a value much greater than most forms of wealth. I advise you, hold these moments dear and attempt in cultivating more just like them. When dealing with multiple forms of psychosis episodes occur anywhere. In knowing this, one believes it best to arrange a crisis management plan. Know who to call and where one vies for treatment. Lastly remember you or your loved one need some type of home, please do not contribute to the impoverished or homeless communities of the world.

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