Mental Health and Conspiracy Theories

A population privy to the observance of conspiracy theories just so happens to be the mentally bound or ill. This observance, while not absolute in all cases of mental health and conspiracy, does frequently occur with such conditions. Conspiracy theories often offer resolutions to difficult problems or questions. Most times, these answers remain plausible to the believer and unconventional to everyone else. Under more stringent analysis of conspiracies, an interesting phenomena of the evolution of certain beliefs persists.   

First and foremost, one must dissect the anatomy of a conspiracy theory. The makings of a mental health conspiracy theory require a motive, a culpable party and believers. The culpable party often possesses some wealth of resources and power or clout pertaining to the subject of belief. Also, the purported motive, often detrimental to the believer or opposition of the culpable party. Also carries some weight in the makeup. The final component, perhaps the most important, lies in the followers or believers. Otherwise known as the engine behind the mechanism. 

Next, after the identification of the general makeup of a conspiracy, comes the actual subject or theory. For the purposes outlined earlier. The selection of theories must transcend from healthy paranoia into deeply irrational. As a disclaimer, the advent of modern technology and media has broadened the scope or followership of contemporary conspiracies. Beyond more than the mentally bound.  

The Illuminati and Celebrities. Mental Health and Conspiracy is Strange

Evidently, a prominent conspiracy found in history arises from the rumors of purported societies intending to manipulate the course of civilization. The resonant ‘illuminati’ heralders certainly claim some acclaim in the field of conspiracies.The motive behind their methods asserts that an elite group of human beings manages each and every incident essential to the human experience. The supposed final purpose emerges as a totalitarian world government or a “New World Order.” A story of humble beginnings, this group’s origins ties itself to academic intellectuals in Bavaria of 1776. Furthermore, the original ranks aligned against the church and religious influence.

The movement’s culpable party allegedly alternated over time. Beginning with progressive politicians and influential intellectuals, the society later supposedly found itself enamored with the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce. Much of the society’s present activity remains shrouded in rumor. However, belief in the society maintains a devout following of at least 15% of registered American voters according to Insider. Also the site profiles believers as having consumed 45 minutes more than average of YouTube viewing. Assuredly, the mention of illuminati in modern day conversation finds no scarcity.  

Mental Health and Conspiracy
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The Holocaust is A Myth?!?!?

Another popular conspiracy, contends that the Holocaust either did not occur or was somehow embellished. Amongst the believers, comes the accusatory account of former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He asserts the manufacturing of the Holocaust as a method of drumming up support for a Jewish state in support of the suppression of Palestine. Thereby, invoking ethnic Jewish peoples as the culpable party. Moreover, according to The Week only 54% of the world knows of the atrocity. In addition, only 77% of western Europeans believe the event to be detailed accurately, while the same figures when tested among Asians and Sub-Saharan Africans amounts to 23% and 12% respectively.  

By way of rumor, 5G networking entangled itself about another network of mythos. The concept of big tech interfering with human enterprises or life is not new. However, 5G’s overhaul of the current field of telecommunications networking remains increasingly imminent. Along with the arrival of 5G, comes the alleged risk of the contraction of coronavirus. Although the threat of contracting the virus via 5G carries some appeal, the science does not add up. Supposed culpable parties include tech moguls and national governments. While coronavirus appears as one of the more common rumored products of 5G, proponents do not single it out as the only effect. Other testimonies profess it as a bird killer, cancer causing, autism causing,  depopulating, etc.

Is Conspiracy Bad For Physical Health Also?

The final theory highlighted in the article emerges from the fear of vaccination. Titled as the “Anti-vaxxers,” this group portends that vaccines verge on the infringement of civil liberties, cause autism, result in prenatal infections, or just compromise the health of the vaccinated party. This meets much contention from the World Health Organization as they contest that abstention from vaccines ranks as one of the top ten global health threats. In modern times the effort against COVID-19 still does not serve as a complete and final motivator for “Anti-vaxxers.” Instead of soliciting more to be vaccinated against COVID-19, a whopping 18% of the American population subscribes to the “Anti-vaxx” movement.

All in all the figures do not match up. When comparing the entirety and breadth of the population affected by mental illness to the amount of those who subscribe to conspiracy theories, the numbers deliver obvious discrepancies. Though one cannot confirm with finality that the two are codependent, the bond of paranoia and conspiratorial suspicion does present a convincing argument in opposition of that conclusion. Regardless, one should heed this article as a support for those in the margins, championing conspiracies. Societal mistrust is healthy when exercised correctly, yet not synonymous with poor mental health. So as the Illuminati would say “Let them eat faith”(Maybe?)

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