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War of The Minds: Volodymyr Zelenskyy Vs. Vladimir Putin

Wartime often welcomes the worst of misgivings beyond the confines of the indulged borders. Furthermore, perhaps even more important than the sentiments of the civilians exploited comes the psyche of the leaders enthralled. The weapons available to, and resources possessed by, those leaders remain a topic of tremendous consideration. Oftentimes, the whole world endures the pain behind wartime conflicts. The war between Ukraine and Russia bares no difference concerning these terms. Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy stand forefront upon the world stage as judgement only by the fates can rein either one in as the proverbial winner. Although, of course the natural notion, being the often spoken cliché, that “in war no one wins”. In this piece, of paramount and highest calculation resonates the mental capacities, acuities, and ambitions of the leaders at hand.

Putin And Zelenskyy At a Glance

Firstly, Putin utilizes a long precedented practical venture referred to as “madman theory.” Instrumental in the calculus of the Cold War. Behind the theory come efforts of making one appear as irrational as possible. With methods like this one finds the assumption of recognizing mental capacity as flawed. Moreover, if a leader intends on appearing unhinged then, certainly the public can only interpret them as so. Therefore, dismissing the notion that Putin may somehow operate with his mental health’s countenance as his poker face. In fact, he bares a terrible poker face.

On the other hand, Zelenskyy as opposed to Putin represents the quintessential wartime president. Stoking the flares of nationalism and rallying up his population. He remained true to his people. Moreover, in hopes of keeping his people unified, he settled on remaining in the country. Instead of fleeing from the country where he withheld a major target on his back and price on his head. Brash and emboldened, stopping Zelenskyy now resulted in Putin’s worst nightmare.

Military Stockpiles, “I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours”

Now Putin’s madman behavior often points to insecurity or instability about the battlefield. However, this only rings true when the party involved is not a nuclear superpower. All weapons considered, this serves as a major reason why this war persists. NATO and the West, i.e Ukraine’s allies choose to play a much more passive role due to this fact. Conversely, Ukraine and Zelenskyy fight with NATO resource assistance in hopes they wage more with less. According to recent media the war effort currently favors Ukraine. Putin continues in ratcheting up atrocities. As Zelenskyy and the West request for war crime inquiries. Moreover, Putin stifles all protest and dissent in his country, in his bombastic fashion. Cordoning off state media to only reflect propaganda favorable of him.

Zelenskyy Putin
Photo by Finn IJspeert on Unsplash

State Sanctions and State Sanity

Also at the forefront of Putin’s mind comes the repercussions burdened upon him by the West. As Putin continues to lie to his constituents, one thing becomes apparent. The allure and trappings of nationalism resolve into a brazen, brash, and inhumane contemplations by Russia’s greater majority. Quotes like wiping Ukrainians of the face of the earth or the claiming their rightful place as a subservient state, become more common. Evermore fragile at this analysis remains the mental space of the battle entrenched Ukrainians. Zelenskyy’s people express exhaustion and hope . NATO, especially Poland extend open arms to the Ukrainians.

Additionally NATO’s major offensive effort relies on the usage of sanctions. In brief, NATO along with some allies, intend in composing the perfect economic storm. Closing off businesses in the country like McDonald’s or Facebook. Also banning Russian sales of oil in allied countries. On the one hand, Zelenskyy appreciates the assistance while wishing for a little more. Putin oppositely loathes the conflict as his opponents continue to bombard his mental and state faculties. NATO additionally, has economically attacked Putin’s friend and allies, including his two adult daughters and oligarchic associates.

All in all these two leaders have entrenched their figurative and, for one, physical boots in history. In a generation where “@me’s” and clap backs have enticed even the most dominant of figures — looking at Trump. Now comes a war of the mental have’s and have not’s. One has mental subtlety and sanity while the other resounds as a narcissistically enraged bastard with no tact. Schizoid’s although, in this piece, we may be on losing edge, just know that we at least have the human decency to value life, unlike Putin .

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