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Elyse Fox, A Pioneer In The New Age Of Digital Mental Health

Upon the epoch of this new generation. A monumental undulation took siege over the course of our most recent encounters with pop culture. The “Sad Boys” enthralled and captivated the majority of youth culture. Suddenly, with an indistinguishable amount of young celebrities committing suicide or pleading for refuge in rehab against the ills of addiction and neglected mental health, depression was hot, especially in rap. Although these seeds of derogatory habituations had grabbed hold. Exhibited before amongst music’s core. Somehow it seemingly rooted in rap’s modernity. For all intents and purposes depression and dope became synonymous. Elyse Fox, advocate of and champion over mental health, created a foundation known as Sad Boys Org and sadgirls.com.

Her first ventures about the field of advocacy roamed the expanse through the form of film media. Initially, starring in a documentary about herself and friends Conversations with Friends. She recanted her daily life in coping with depression and her own bouts with mental illness. She attested that her friends represented her major crutch. Ideally, she most likely identifies how important friends and relationships can be as one of her website’s major apparatuses is the chat room. This feature utilizes Zoom meeting rooms and allows up to 10 guests to participate in the discussion.

Coping For Elyse Meant Excitement

Furthermore, her film highlights her other coping mechanisms. Mainly cititing, traveling and musical festivals. Music alone serves as a fair enough relief. Pairing this with the festival, may either exacerbate or reduce symptoms. The positive here, being, getting out in the wild and doing something refreshing. While the possible cons include drug usage and claustrophobia and fear of crowds. 

Additionally her role as a social media influencer panders to the rap sad boy movement. While this website, most likely will highlight the sad boy movement later, for now let us leave it at the entertainment industry ransacking the young talent of the new generation by not preparing them or fitting them for the ills of newfound fame. Let alone representing their emotional lyrics in a community, where such words roused connotations as soft or whiny. 

Elyse Knows Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Are Often An Ill Pairing

One positive evocation of the sad boy movement stands Tyler the Creator, a figure who stands tall against the industry vices and even at one point abided by the straight edge label(sobriety against alcohol and drugs). On the other hand, one artist who could not fare the waves of newfound fame quite as well was XXXTENTACION. On the brink of major fame and against the precipice of all his work, came the devastating news of his undertaking. After being murdered during a robbery more news of his battle with mental illness surfaced.

Moreover, these young men represent the demographic of people Elyse intended to reach. For clarification, this figurative barrack recalls the connotations of modern media and culture. Unfortunately, the phrase “sad boys” without context has come to refer to young black men. She understands this and contests this misfortune with her assistance. While most of her work outfits females with the resources they need, her social media influence on Sad Boys Org  (Instagram) highlights the undying devotion she amounts in summation to all sad people, otherwise known as the mentally ill. 


Cliché: It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Elyse Fox as a revolutionary in the mental illness movement certainly does resound at least one thing. It’s okay to not be okay. Although redundant and seemingly canned, it’s true. When one surmounts this fact, only then can treatment and healing begin. Just because one becomes rutted in sadness or dissatisfaction with life does not mean you cannot lean extra hard on those relationships one possesses.

Elyse Fox presents more resources for women struggling with mental illness on sadgirlsclub.org and quirky and quippy shorts for men on sad boys org on Instagram. Hopefully, her voice in your head – reading her website – is as comforting, chill and refreshing as it is on her brief biographical documentary. The schizoid himself has had his sad boy days and while at times the lifestyle may seem appealing because of media’s depiction, know from first hand it is not as fun when you are not rich.

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