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Pete Davidson, Self-Proclaimed: Diamond in The Trash

Those with mental health issues must flock together in times of trouble when support seems slim. Though this may sound simple in approach, the actual execution remains in the court of the afflicted. With so many parties conflicting and barraging personas and personalities, the question remains how can common ground even appear possible by the most minute of means. At this analysis appears Pete Davidson, a “diamond in the trash, ” his phrasing, not the writer’s. A line he can get off on, because of his mysterious background and the women that find him enticing. In short the pale little whiteboy from SNL got game. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, as his mental health is playing just as hard. 

Photo by Asit Khanda on Unsplash

Pete Davidson, Heavy is The Head That Wears The Crown

With undulations appearing with his mental health at the age of nine, the signs remained atrociously obvious. None of Davidson’s mental health professionals mustered up the wherewithal or courage to diagnose him accurately. The level to which a medical professional endows attention and interest to a mental health patient seemingly varies about a pendulum of few characteristics. First of course pertains to the “almighty dollar” and degree of responsiveness. If the afflicted exhibits slight chances of progressing then believe me that doctor will still milk you even if the patient foams at the mouth like a diseased animal.

Pete noted that after his initial hospitalization at age nine, like the writer, he ventured forward as a seasoned champion of psych ward trips. He attests that perhaps his father’s untimely death due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks contributed to his onset of symptoms. In an interview with Charlamagne tha God he refrains “ I’m always depressed, all the time. I have to constantly bring myself out of it,” Now for those familiar with similar issues, this flags and screams trouble for the victim. He commented on suicidal thoughts afterward, further cementing the causticity of the aforementioned thoughts of the interview.

“Diamond In The Trash”- Davidson’s Words, Not Ours

Finally, in 2017 he received a title for his antagonist Borderline Personality Disorder. In brevity, this refers to instabilities eeking and ebbing into moods, relationships, self-image, and behavior according to NamiMI.org. One may contest that Davidson’s reference to himself as a “diamond in the trash” as offensive. However, one must also allow the man to field his confidence and relish in his gifts. Not often, does such talent occur especially with his disorder. Unfortunately his most recent brush with the media caused him to relapse for a stint of time in 2022.

One thing that Davidson possesses that many celebrities do not remains his support scaffold. Coming to his defense and calling for support – perhaps warranted or not– come the family of his significant other, Saturday Night Live friends, and other celebrities. They join the long list of creatives fighting for the bastion of creating without limiting and living without limits.              

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