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How Sad Boy Rap Took The World By Storm

With the advent of Generation Z’s crossover into the threshold of adulthood, preceded cultural shifts in musical talent and content. The “dope boys” and “backpackers” were replaced by the “sad boy movement” and the “clout crowd.” Although it seems drug sale and usage may never fully exist with mutual exclusivity from rap. A new leaf turn appears with almost equally as negative undertones taking tow. No this does not forebode as another intentional cultural quip and criticism of black or rap culture. Instead, this fields as a recognition of the acceptance and christening of the new branch of a heavy staple in modern youth. “Sad boy rap” and “clout rap” verge upon the precipice of an old pursuit. Moreover, the ideal and niche of “getting rich or dying in pursuit” or “living young and dying young” ring true in this corps of work.

 Along with the birth of this pop phenomenon. Also bore the works of artists who felt compelled to pursue the tail of both fields. Firstly, Lil Uzi Vert, whose major claim to fame, came through the work and words “All my friends are dead. Push me to the edge.” Seemingly a catchy phrase, and also obnoxiously attention whoring. He somehow captivated the reign of Generation Z and honestly a younger pool of millennials. 

Just A Tidbit Sad Boys, and anyone else, 21SCHIZM Has Friends For You

Conversely, however, one cannot repeat that verse without reflecting on their own social relationships. In fact Zealots, when one dances alone on the dancefloor during a tumultuous night to this song, he or she cannot help but refrain something along the lines of “Damn, I’m here alone with no friends, isn’t this kind of a toxic environment.” Regardless, Lil Uzi Vert ventured more toward the clout end of rap when he implanted a pink diamond into his forehead. Just as clarification, due to lack of context, clout rap encompasses figures who pursue fame  through quirky and quippy methods mainly by means of social media.

Unfortunately, along with catchy lines and fame come the subversive naturals of high society i.e drugs and ego. Instead of confronting emotions head on and committing time and devotion toward holistic healing, sad boys lash out. Six days after his 21st birthday, Juice WRLD died from an overdose of oxycodone and codeine. From the outlook of his music, regrettably one cannot call it a haphazard incident. With verses like “You left me falling and landing inside my grave I know that you want me dead.” Furthermore the video features heavy drug usage. His story remains common amongst the modern milieu of music.

Sad Boy
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Sorry Drake, Didn’t Mean to Field You and SixNine in the Same Court

On the other hand of our subjects, comes the clout rappers. Oftentimes, suffering from the trappings of narcissistic personality disorders, they find themselves enthralled with the basis and basicness of trendiness. In short, they identify a thread of social media and chase it. Whether that thread be through TikTok or Instagram. From Drake’s “Toosie Slide” to SixNine’s whole career, egotistic bravado remains perhaps the major criteria requirement for clout rap. SixNine and his catchy lines first landed him in high rise apartments and then quite abruptly jail. Aside from his comedic takes and almost satirical style of the edgy focus of modern rap, nothing else made him very appealing. Nonetheless, he represented a novel approach to celebrity and his criminal yet elementary lyrics placed him as a revered voice of Generation Z. 

Finally, this session only receives merit if considering XXXTENTACION. His whole career pioneered the “sad boy” and “clout” movement. Gaining traction through the method of soundcloud and baring his all for the purpose of earning a modest and honest living. His vulnerability made it okay for a generation of rappers, which the schizoid himself remains disconnected from. 

I Wish I was Young and Rich!

Disconnected, only because one finds themself detached by generational differences experientially. Also, perhaps a bit of jealousy on the subject of the expense of youthful years. Simply put, they did the time without serving the time i.e. juvie and hospitalizations. Once again a talent taken too soon as his life ended at the hands of armed  robbers. A culture intending to muffle the expression of its most potent resource cannot expect to thrive. In short the hushed flutter of scattering butterflies reaches the antennae of only the other butterflies in close proximity.

All in all, music’s inherent purpose remains in expressing the inner workings of the emotional exploits of the mind. There could not be sound without silence and there could not be bondage without freedom. The mentally ill and sad boys deserve a voice and these examples listed and others inbound what that looks like. Inferentially and sadly, the asking price of mental wellness requires a few martyrs and missteps toward the collective positivity of the greater good. The Sad Boy and Clout crew develop indelible marks forward to music and make that next hot track less expensive and even more worthwhile than your next therapy visit. No wonder therapists recommend music as a noteworthy coping mechanism.   

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