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Man on The Dunes: Therapeutic Thrill Seeking | Silver Lake Sand Dunes

At first there was no helmet or recommended / necessary kind of gear. Only heat, sand and a lack of proper preparation for the heat or any relevant conditioning. Perhaps with conditioning, matters would have lent themselves toward better outcomes. Regardless this trip forebode tidings akin to an astronaut stranded on the moon with no helmet. At least with astronauts, preparation for the mission months, sometimes even years of physical conditioning seems only proper if not required.

Not lost but instead losing to the terrain of the harsh temperate conditions which accompany sandy climates. Fifteen minutes in and it would seem the Schizoid (Maf) was defeated. On the ground, closed eyes and gasping for air. Yet somehow the fun was yet to begin. Between the moments prior to the Schizoid’s collapsing on the floor and afterwards his sentiments and optimism for the trip appeared worlds away from each other. However, the trip eventually showed signs of progressing. Achieving peak physical fitness should remain the goal of most neurodivergent persons. This satisfied one criterion for a therapeutic trip. Also adrenal thrills shock the mind into new ways of thought. Bonding and building memories steeps the mind into a consistent stasis and new environments further this mental conditioning. Grouped together this amounts into a generally positive, healthy experience.

One Small Step For Man. One Giant Leap For The Mentally Bound.

Trips like these promise oodles and oodles of therapy for neurodivergent peoples. Besides immersing the person in a new environment with brand new stimuli, the terrain proves beneficial for fitness. Whilst building up stamina the patient undergoes a process of sheer primality. Those first few steps on the incline to summit the dunes represent perhaps the most abrasive. One piece of advice, is to pace oneself during each climb. Attempting to show out will most likely end with an embarrassing venture near or to outer consciousness. Hydration with proper fluids remains necessary. Whether, one drinks Gatorade, water or what have you. Most sources would recommend no energy drinks. Depending on how arduous or the duration of the hike one recommends snacks, insect repellant, sun protection, hiking boots or tennis shoes and some sort of head protection.

For most the experience entails one in which they wish in remembering the activities enjoyed along the way. This requires a camera, modern cellphones should suffice or if really compelled then one can solicit the use of more professional means. Case and point a DSLR camera which captured some of the moments from the Schizoid’s trip. In tow also was a drone to capture some aerial shots. The shots were of course irrefutable and not doctored as to not confuse this trip with any sorts of conspiracy. This may or may not be a veiled shot or reference to wind and flags on the moon.


Oxygen and Fluid Intake did Somebody Say Doom or Dune?

Along the way the Schizoid experienced a number of times where he had not properly hydrated or paced himself. Already shirtless, barefoot and with no head protection, with temperatures feeling at about 90 degrees, times were not fun. Apparently these were mild conditions. Honestly, one could not help but lie down in the sand every now and then. Nevertheless, they trekked on. All throughout the day, the Schizoid, only consuming barbecue chips, Gatorade and water, was doomed. However, time soon presented a silver lining. The Schizoid would soon have his doom turn into dune.

Return of Life on The Dunes

Almost as immediately as life depleted from the Schizoid would it return for him. The proverbial retrieval from the depths of the sunken place. All it took was a mere and measly $580, sarcasm intended. Yes heavy on the wallet, but easy with everything else. This $580 went towards the rental of a 2 seater/2 hour dune buggy rental, which we would end up splitting 4 ways. Sure it seemed expensive but compared to getting a rover rolling on the moon it appeared dirt cheap — dune buggying. The adrenaline started pumping as the Boring Millennial initiated the drive with the Schizoid in the passenger seat. While 21SCHIZM refers to him as the Boring Millennial, his times in the driver seat are always taxing and thrilling. Next came the Schizoid’s turn to drive and once again the adrenaline rushed through their veins. Each drive came with more trails and treatment of the Schizoid’s psychosis.

The rush of life returned almost as soon as they signed their waivers. The Schizoid’s anticipation for the buggy overtook most of the fear. However, it would seem there is nothing like actually getting on the dunes and conquering the fears up front. The Schizoid himself attests to a fear of driving cars yet the buggy came like second nature to him.

Other Adventures On The Dunes

Aside from the fun with the buggies and the aforementioned tale of virtual doom. Along came the fortune of good company. Shooting with their cameras, the Schizoid and his companions enjoyed the production of video and still content. Behind the scenes content warranted a wealth of entertainment for the crew. Also a comedic rendition of Aladdin from @KelechiXV elicited laughs from everyone on the trip. The rendition featured a quirky ensemble of “Aladdin” dancing to hip-hop music. Although this all occurred simultaneously with the doom portion, the Schizoid could later enjoy the videos. Thus entails the recommendation of bringing along cameras.

Coming Down From The Dune Adrenaline High

Like all good things and bad things it would seem an end is inevitable. Whether the ending evokes feelings and what type remains up to the experience. As humans one cannot help but endure some type of emotion with every tide that overtakes us. As sure as the tide’s undulation by the moon comes the mind’s assessment of every situation. Overall this particular experience supplemented the physical exertion with a newfound impression of amusement. The Schizoid and his companions could now hang their hats or helmets with the notch of a novel encounter.

In recounting this tale, the Schizoid intends to leave the reader with a few tidbits of advice. Firstly, never forgo the opportunity of a new happening due to fear. Fear is temporary and novel occurrences come far and few in between. Secondly, use new experiences as a way to cultivate friendships. Thirdly, is the imperative of ensuring that one is prepared for the experience. This means both physically and mentally. Mental preparation is necessary, because such events can be taxing on the parties involved. Regardless, of all benefits of the experience, no one wishes to witness a relapse so heed the following words with all of your heart. BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR MENTAL!

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