The Strategy of Social Life For the Mentally Ill

The need for connection and comfort in those dealings chalks up to one major deficiency in being human or possibly a positive. Of the two I personally am not sure, I leave that one to your opinion.

No Man is an Island

Regardless, this still exists as a necessity. We simply cannot provide this for ourselves. The trappings of the statement of “no man being an island” comes to mind. For those with metal illness, we often comprehend the disadvantages of not being an island more so than those who do not suffer from such ailments.

Be Your Person’s Person

We often find ourselves behind the curve because of stigma and an uneasiness on our behalves and others. Whether the neurotypical wish to believe it or not we still possess the same string of humanity. We all need somebody, so why stigmatize those who present an authentic and genuine outlook on life, otherwise known as the mentally ill.

Social Outlook of Those With Mental Illness

We all possess different experiences and approaches to life. The best approach to living in reality is no approach. Simply put, the best approach does not exist. So we remain apt to experiencing life as it comes, not relying on any rule book or coached endeavors.

What do You Look For In a Social Contact

Mentally ill, or not, there exists a few things that one should seek in peer support or relationships. Invite those who promote and care for your emotional well being. Stray away from those with negative attitudes or pessimistic views on life. Lastly avoid mental distress, mental illness stigma and those who come with taboo social risk factors.

Now With Mental Illness Taken Into Account

I cannot say this enough, drug abuse is not cute, cool or charming. I don’t care if it is smoking weed or doing MDMA, it is simply not safe for those with mental illness. Positive relationships have a positive impact on your life. For the mentally ill acceptance should be the bare minimum. We should be welcomed not “tolerated.”

Different Trails of Life Come With Different Sources of Wisdom

Therefore, we take everything with a grain of salt. Although no one’s life appears no more valuable than that of another, one’s story may exist as more rich in wisdom and experience than that of the average.

Those With Mental Health Disparities Present a Different Type of Wisdom

Thus comes where being mentally divergent sometimes carries an advantage. The mentally bound often appear wise beyond their years. They exercise a wealth of knowledge on the concepts related to the savoring of life.

People With Mental Illness Are Not Normal. That’s Okay

I personally see my schizophrenia as a quirky personality trait. Although not always pleasant, I at least can attest to being different and maybe even extraordinary. The way my cousin puts it from Never Give Up Athletics goes “People hate being normal.”

Mental Health Problems Make Me More Interesting

While I may hate my schizophrenia, and it of course is not ideal, I can certainly say my life displays a lot of interesting peculiarities. From running around stark naked to awkward eye behaviors. My life runs far from normal.

How do These Things Make Me More Interesting

One thing I have noticed from people with mental illness is they always have a story to tell. Conversations about mental health challenges often come with rich detail about what really matters i.e mental health. In truth my emotional distress and that of those with mental illness is quite entertaining.

Guidelines of Social Etiquette For People With Mental Illness

All this considered, one inquires of how the mentally ill may actually engage in the field of social inclusion. We actually need a little more effort than the regular old person. The brains of the mentally ill appear wired differently and seeing this as so, this also means our behavior may also manifest in different ways.

A Mental Disorder Should NOT be a Solitary Effort

21SCHIZM intends in gifting you with the power to control and manipulate your social life in a matter befitting of you. This also means extra work on your behalf.

Social Inclusion is Not Impossible

Though for those without mental health conditions this may come naturally, we must attempt in leveling the playing field. Presented here, come methods, tips, and techniques for the maintenance and upkeep of social connections undertaken by the neurodivergent or those with mental illnesses.


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Red Flags for Social Relationships

“Selfish people exist everywhere in life and not everyone has your best interest at heart.” Clichés heard countless times in life, but perhaps this statement rings more true in the lives of those with mental illness.

I Guess We’re Gonna Take the Island Analogy Further

Be on the lookout for those who wish to lay siege to your foundation and leave you as the proverbial deserted island. Watch out for those who encourage you to engage in behaviors that place physical and mental well being in danger. Trust me from lifelong learning that those who are meant to remain in your life will care for all aspects of your well being.

Don’t Let Mental Illness Turn You Into a Degenerate

This includes behaviors such as binge drinking, illicit drug consumption, risky or downright dangerous behaviors such as drag racing, or even socially frowned upon actions like streaking. Streaking may seem unusual but it happens and it definitely exists as frowned upon or even illegal.

Although in college these all seem like the common and run of the mill shenanigans, they carry serious consequences both legally and socially.

Don’t Let Anybody Make You Feel Lesser

Aside from social endangerment, comes the relationships that cause sentiments of low self-esteem. Relationships where the contact slights at the character of the mentally bound show huge red flags.

Haters are Not Welcome

Insults simply do not express welcome, especially in the makeup of what consists of the complex and neurodivergent. Nobody likes a hater. Passive aggression also ranges somewhere amongst similar traits and one can decipher when such behavior remains unwelcome.

Don’t Become the Person You Loathe be the Person You Love

Your mental well being depends on your behavioral health as much as it does of those you interact with. Don’t engage others with negative attitudes or statements. Just because someone engages you with negative behavior, does not mean you should reciprocate.

Give people the benefit of the doubt, everyone experiences emotional distress, especially those with mental health conditions.

Put Work in With People and You Will Get Good Out

Look out for controlling and manipulative people as they can easily take control of your life. Do not allow disrespect, remember you are better than that. With most things in life you get back what you put in, the same should go for personal relationships. You should not live as an emotionally dependent person and similarly goes vice versa.

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Geography and Mental Health Really do Have a Lot in Common, Right?

Meeting quality, honest and focused new people remains most of the battle. Protecting the island, one should not be, is easy. The struggle therein lies with the connecting of that island.

Connecting Your Island is Not What One “Just Does”

Now it does not take a college degree, high school diploma, or even a sixth grade education to tell that connecting land to an island simply is not something one just does on a whim. It takes elaborate deliberation financially, mentally and structurally to connect that island.

Wtth Social Connections Sometimes You Just Get Lucky and a Volcano Erupts

Sometimes the perfect storm occurs in the linking of that island. A volcano erupts here and some tectonics shift there and voila, we have a connection. However most times it requires bona fide and legitimate hard work. In this case a volcanic eruption is good for mental health.

The Perfect Storm, Social Inclusion Wise

Sometimes meeting new people comes easily. Either you easily attract new people or you meet someone who easily meshes with you. This occurs with little to no work, often in surroundings or settings that lend themselves toward positive connectivity.

Pickup Line: Where Can I Find That Tectonic Shift That Brings You Closer to Me? (CORNY!)

Such settings for the neurodivergent or those with mental health conditions include inpatient hospitals, schools, or work. These settings all naturally facilitate the meeting of new people, a major benefit behind mental health services. Often bonding over common experience, shared ideals or mental health fosters the most beneficial relationships.

Mental Health Services and Mental Health Care Represent Excellent Opportunities For Meeting New People

Undergoing therapy simultaneously with someone else goes miles as does immersing oneself in the same work regiment as another. Whether academic, menial, rigorous, enriching, or what have you.

(How People With Mental Illnesses Really Talk) “You’re Crazy? So Am I! Let’s be Friends!”

Sometimes we persons with mental disorders lack tact. I’ve displayed and witnessed personally. In my case when I lacked tact I knew what I was doing but my mental illness forced me to act against my better knowledge. Best piece of advice I can give, is try to filter your thoughts.

Share Your Land, Like The Song Goes “This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land”

Struggle builds character and apparently struggling whilst in the company of others builds relationships, peninsular people or maybe even interstitial people. Therefore making up the sands of the collective island that exists about a collection of individuals.

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Making Friends or Social Contacts on Your Own

Of course for every dozen of friends made by the perfect storm comes that single contact or relationship formed through social finesse. Meeting new people often gets a bad reputation. In my mind and most likely the mind of others we remain afraid of rejection or judgment. We get wrapped up in semantics and wordplay.

Try to Overcome the Anxiety and Mental Health Stigma

Don’t let your mental health problems overstimulate your social anxieties. People are only hesitant toward those who play into their mental disorders. Like I said before, mental illness can be a rousing conversation starter, especially for young people. In the pursuit of building self-confidence it helps to devote time and effort into your well being.

I Don’t Even Know How I Have Friends

For those with mental illness, we find nothing but a shortage in this department of peer support. Regardless one fact remains, I already have friends, yet even I am not sure where they come from. I can testify from experience that keeping up a conversation can come with difficulty. Thus comes my advice for making friends.

DIscovering New Land

Do not shy away from new experiences. New people often accompany new environments so tear up the town and get out there. Also sometimes our tongues tie up in the process due to shyness, hesitation or what have you. Regardless every now and then we find phrases that work without fail such as or regarding (…)

  • Ask them what brings them to the setting.
  • Approach the contact with a fact about yourself randomly, and then give them your name.
  • Disarm them with a compliment about their appearance, and then attempt a conversation.
  • Introduce yourself and then soon after suggest an activity to do together (relevant to the setting).
  • Approach them with a joke or quip that does not insult or seem too canned.
  • Talk about something current with one of your interests such as sports or television.
  • Freestyle and come up with something impromptu.

Do as I Say, Not As I do, Actually Never Mind Don’t do Either

Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with standardized quick one hitters, because of my fear for you, of sounding too corny. A little corniness appears as okay but the lines I would have you saying would definitely lead to nothing but humiliation.

Let Me Treat Your Island To A Pina Colada

Like I said I have no idea how I have friends. These conversations work best in a social setting like a bar, and it helps to buy the person a drink or two so they do not have to deal with your complexities completely sober.

Manifest Destiny! (Without All the Murder and Trails of Tears)

Moreover, one can join local athletic ventures, social ventures like volunteering or involving religion. Nevertheless, if you are an addict of any kind, you know where and who to stay away from.

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Maintaining Social Contacts For People With Mental Illness

Like everything healthy, the life of your social connections or now blooming “continent” requires maintenance. The goal of one’s contacts remains in its upkeep. No one likes losing friends so here are some tips for keeping them.

Tried and True With the Few Friends I Do Have

Make sure to make contact at least once every two weeks if they compose part of your core friend group. Core friends by definition consists of friends that life just would not work the same without. They exist almost as an extension of one’s family.

Trust Me Contact Does Not Take That Much Effort

Making contact can be as simple as texting or as complex as a trip to a nearby attraction. Often, they know of your shortcomings or complexities and treat them as what they are, labels with little regard for the actual person you exist as.

People With Mental Illness are Sometimes too Detached

Don’t let your pride get in the way of making first contact. Even with established connections I find this as a problem for me. Also negative mental health lies in the concept of attempting to live in your contact’s shoes and developing reasons for lack of contact. Better judgment says to just ask what’s going on.

People With Mental Illness Sometimes Get too Attached

On the other end of the spectrum, don’t get to obsessed. This obsession can easily turn into a problem. Mental disorders are notorious for this type of relationship. Sadly, I can testify to the truth behind this statement (for details on this encounter click here.)

Not All Friends Fit the Core Friend Build

Other contacts outside of your core friend group require less attention and less work. These friends are the ones you make contact with at social events every now and then. Sometimes they are coworkers or classmates. Often they do not know at all or know very little about your illness.

Friends Outside of the Core Friend Group Still Require Attention

For these relationships an invite to events you are attending should serve due diligence. Maybe a social media interaction or happy birthday on Facebook will work. This group does not need much detail on the trials and tribulations of your mental health.

Don’t Worry About Mental Health Stigma

If however, you do intend on bridging this friend toward your core friends, make more effort. Let them know about your intricacies but do not “beat them over the head with it.” Be easygoing with it remember to leave good impressions, because they could eventually become an advocate, close associate, best friend, or even a lover.

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Encounters of the Romantic Kind

Every now and then one or more nations get together and unite. We like to call the uniting of nations, well, the United Nations (I told you I was corny.) In real life we call this romance.

Romance Leads to All Kinds of Alliances

Also I made sure to include the one or more, because you know, polyamory and such. As you can tell I have no idea how this works in real life. Some things I have learned just from close encounters of the romantic kind include the following.

The Details of Your Union Requires Honesty, Politics Aside

Rule of thumb says you do not have to be comfortable sharing your mental health diagnosis early. However, if one intends on forming a long term romantic relationship, then one should not wait too long to disclose this information.

Don’t Get Caught Up in the “Ideal Picture”

Simply put, not every man has to be promiscuous. Similarly, not every woman must be chaste. On that end not every man has to be male or woman a female. In reality were not princesses and princes, so don’t treat yourself like that. Fulfill your mental health needs.

I Guess I May be at Increased Risk For Heartbreak

If you are like me with a whole website dedicated toward the advocacy of the subject it will come along pretty early in the relationship. Before sharing this try not attaching oneself to the relationship too much.

Mental Illnesses Should Not be Dirty Little Secrets

Honestly, only a few outcomes exist, acceptance, rejection, uncertainty and curiosity. While these can take forms in a number of ways, obviously the most welcome remains as acceptance. In the pursuit of relationships one may face lots of rejection (trust me) but it only makes that lucky strike that much sweeter.


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Welcome to the Social Network

Somewhere along the line of islands and nations, you become introduced to the social network. No this does not mean to refer or make mention of Facebook. Although that does highlight a good outlet for modern communication and connection.

Facebook Actually is Not the Original Social Network

The original social network is the good old face to face means of socializing. With this article 21SCHIZM hopes for you to take initiative and forge those relationships that make distance the stuff of simplicity.

I Just Could Not Let the Island Thing Go

The miles separating your island and that of another can easily be socially engineered into a United Nations recognized alliance. Please bear with me.

Stay away from people who are not as inviting as me or people who are way too inviting. Socializing takes effort so it does not hurt to go that extra mile toward that other person or island.

Be safe with your island, not stingy. Overcome that dreaded anxiety and let those tectonic shifts do what they do. Something from your mental health that drives you further from one person may bring you closer to another.

Have Fun WIth It!

Do remember that some connections come naturally yet they require as much work as those that do not. This work really should not feel like a chore but in good habit provide some happiness and benefit.

Welcome to the Social Network of Life!

In the process of making the world, whether you believe in Deities or nature, words and communication came along. This tool marked the beginning of long legacy of surviving. Surviving amongst each other with growth in every generation.

Finally, treasure every connection that comes your way. The mentally bound may have a little bit more difficulty in forming solid relationships, but it is certainly possible. All in all, welcome to this here social network called life.

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