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Coping by Creating, Learning Adobe Character Animator while Dealing With Schizophrenia

Along with the advent of this new website came the emergence of an array of talents and skills. Of these, perhaps one of the most fruitful surfacing came the Character Animator training for the Adobe suite. This skill, in cost, rendered a particularly cheap bill. While one undertook the task of educating themselves free of charge by way of YouTube. The skill requires at least $53.00 per month, yeah i know… (Or Free-99 if you are good at pirating software ;), we pay for our license and if you are able to we recommend that you do too), to purchase the Adobe Creative Suite package. This package includes a slew of creative outlets for whatever may tickle one’s fancies. However, Character Animator requires at least 6 hours to get started as well as prior Adobe Photoshop experience.

Author’s Experience In Learning Character Animator

Though in the aforementioned portion, one mentioned that it only takes 6 hours for comprehension of the skill, in practice it may require more study. Execution and practice of the skill whilst under the influence of psychosis demands a wealth of more time. In fact with no experience in either Photoshop or Character Animator and undertaken in tandem with each other one may find themselves with an abundance of difficulty. Moreover, from the initial experience, the absorption of the skill accumulated over the process of about 6 weeks or 13 hours total. Remember this occurred in conjunction with a somewhat latent psychosis and apparent auditory hallucinations.

Adobe Photoshop skills mirrored or derived a certain feel from Microsoft Paint. However, the devil was in the details. The menial and meticulous actions amassed into most of the trouble. Labelling layers and the characters or puppets, as referred to by the Adobe Suite, remained quite daunting. Overall the YouTube instruction leaves much of the work up to the user. If followed correctly and faithfully then the 6 hour estimated time should be no problem. Similar courses are available by way of Skillshare and Udemy for higher costs and more stringent and informational content.

Feeling of Fulfillment Behind This Skill

Besides the rush of positivity following the concept of actually creating something comes a sense of fulfillment. Knowing one can create whilst dealing with psychosis is exhilarating. The skill brings more to the table for the purposes of furthering the message of 21SCHIZM. It proves that neurodivergent peoples have utility in this modern society. That utility bears creativity, progress, and positive social arrhythmias, otherwise known as uniquity. A breath of fresh air as one moves in motion with the rafts of an undulating society. At times that essence of the social arrhythmia appears as unusual, yet not in a bad way. That heartbeat of a newborn idea cradled by the care and delivery by the mentally bound mind. Unable to be mirrored by any other figure, because of the separate existence ascribed to each individual.

Character Animator

Necessity Births Creativity

Although, the psychosis hindered the process of cultivating this skill. Without psychosis, the creativity and undertaking of such projects never would have occurred. By this logic, perhaps mental illness suggestively precedes the oncoming of creative gifts. Instead of wasting hours with negative actions, that impede psychological progress, mental bondage produced stability. This stability whilst intertwined with some auditory hallucinations therefore flourished in a multitude of content.

In summation, the main tidbit of advice coming from this post should be utilize idle time creatively. The ease which comes along with refocusing that minor modicum of attention toward something creative seems entirely enticing. Someone else’s Adobe Character Animator may manifest in a more frugal manner. All recommendations aside 21SCHIZM intends to use this as a plug to checkout their toils at animation with Dr. Mill’s Therapy Corner. Cheers all! Happy creating!

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