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Aquariums Are Excellent Mental Wellness Boosts | Audubon Aquarium Of New Orleans

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Aquariums have always been places that I see the signs to enter,  but for some reason or another, I never actually get around to actually entering. The reasons for not going are usually that I’m either too busy or it’s the last item on my to-do list when visiting a big city, even though I tend to think that it would be a great or cool idea. Well we had an extra day on a trip to New Orleans and thought it would be the perfect time to check out the Audubon aquarium of New Orleans. Use this as your signal to not just pass aquariums by the next time you see them and take a second to appreciate nature In a mentally stimulating environment.


 I felt this visit was perfect for a hobby hospitality post because it’s an activity that isn’t overly expensive & relatively accessible for most(aquariums are all over), while serving as a mentally stimulating experience. 


Appropriately located near the bank of the Mississippi river. Where you’ll see no shortage of tiny lizards running around on the Riverwalk. The entry fee is kind of pricey for adults at $35 a pop, which plus or minus $15, seems to be the going rate for a zoo/aquarium visit these days.


Now even though this article might specifically reference the aquarium in New Orleans, aquariums all around conceptually are the same with slightly varying details. The calming and soothing wellness benefits of visiting an aquarium are what I will mainly be focusing on. 


What are some of the actual benefits?


The entire visit can be summed up in one word, RELAXING. I mean as soon as you walk into the door you hear nothing but the calming sounds of water flowing, elevator music, and the nice cool temperatures(stark contrast and nice change of pace from an otherwise 86 degree day that we had previously spent the last hour walking in the direct sun.). All create a perfectly soothing environment that can be utilized as a quick mental wellness reset. 


It had been over 10 years since I was last inside of an aquarium, and this visit did not disappoint. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by the souvenir shop & first few exhibits. The first of which was the Great Maya Reef. 

Maya Reef Exhibit


Not sure what it was, but the personal enjoyment that I walked away with after seeing the water flowing and fish existing in their natural environment, was so refreshing, especially considering that I spend so much time on the go, and not fully indulging in the activities that I partake in. The feeling that I felt in the aquarium is analogous to the feeling I get when I sit down for a meditation session. My mind was more or less at peace, I didn’t have a single care in the world other than the seahorse/piranha/blowfish that I was observing at each respective moment. 


After The Maya Reef Exhibit, we get to my personal favorite exhibit of the aquarium, The Amazon RainForest:


Entrance of The Rain Forest 

Overhead View of the Rain Forest. 

Marine Life inside Rainforest Exhibit. 


There are all kinds of wildlife in this exhibit, everything from Piranhas, to catfish,  to anacondas,to parrots. I actually just spent a few minutes taking everything in before focusing on the individual fish in the exhibits. We probably spent the most time in this area and would probably return to this aquarium specifically for this exhibit on a future New Orleans trip.   


More Videos


White Gator – Fun Fact, I thought this was fake until i saw its eyes move






Thanks to https://www.youtube.com/c/TomsRoadTrippin/videos for the clips from his videos as well. 


The main message of this hobby hospitality post isn’t “Omg guys I found this new thing that nobody has ever heard of called aquariums and they’re great for a mental wellness pick me up”  It’s just meant to serve as a reminder that there is a very easily accessible mentally enriching experience lurking just around the corner from you. 



Take some time to decompress, disconnect and get in tune with yourself. I felt relaxed and refreshed on a spur of the moment trip to an aquarium. I would recommend a visit to your local aquarium 10/10 times.  Remember to appreciate some of the simpler things in life and not get too caught up in the issues that plague you on a day to day basis.

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