Can Schizophrenia Kill You?


Across all practice and methodology I am positive that no where in history have the terms “cause of death” and “schizophrenia” been legitimately wagered in the same breath. That said, it’s a wonder that I myself, as a person with schizophrenia, and enduring my specific experiences am still alive.  I’m Not Saying I’m Surprised I’m […]

The Strategy of Social Life For the Mentally Ill

The need for connection and comfort in those dealings chalks up to one major deficiency in being human or possibly a positive. Of the two I personally am not sure, I leave that one to your opinion. No Man is an Island Regardless, this still exists as a necessity. We simply cannot provide this for […]

Your Most Valuable Assets in Four Words: Time Management Mental Health

Some things never change. Like the rules of the universe they remain bound to logic and reality. Then comes time, the eternal judge and juror of all. None can escape its clutches, dust to dust, ash to ash. On a less grim note, time can also serve as a comforting crutch. Although, one receives a […]

Physical Wellness ,Supportive Roles, and Career Goals vs. Horrors of Mental Illness


Life by definition, shows no certain trajectory. We try and aim for goals yet life always bears its own plans. We grin and bear with the negative and accept the positive with glee. Regardless, sometimes, especially with the mentally bound, everything goes kaput. Wrestling with the demons that cause the most pain requires a spirit […]

Dealing With Schizophrenia: The Shortcomings That Accompany A Stronger Barrage of Voices

If one’s physical and mental well-being has fallen to the wayside due to voices or mental bondage. Know that one proceeds in a good and varied company. Regardless of background. Prescriptions and medications supplied to the mentally bound oftentimes do not wager fairly in terms of physical appearance, well-being or sometimes even mental health. That […]

My First Episode of Psychosis and What Happened

First Episode of Psychosis

Placing a finger on the formalities or details of psychosis plays tricks on everyone, especially at the first episode. The what of psychosis simply cannot be associated at the onset of symptoms. Instead, the first episode, per chance if occurring prior to diagnosis, all options remain on the table. The spring of psychosis in figuration […]

My First Episode of Psychosis and Who was Involved

First Episode of Psychosis

Imagine witnessing the onset of a circumstance so surreal that it jars your whole perspective, almost like a paradigm shifting piece of media. This event, the first episode of psychosis, in its fruition arrives with a myriad of ripe and pungent emotions. Now imagine this experience happening to someone close to you, or even yourself. […]

What is Schizophrenia?

We take a serious look at Schizophrenia, and explain the symptoms /warning signs to look out for if you feel someone my have schizophrenia.

My First Episode of Psychosis and When it Happened

First Episode of Psychosis

It should come as no surprise, that for most, the first episode of psychosis actually presents itself as a major surprise. The when of the first episode often arouses the most astonishing of reactions. My family certainly does not accord its own exclusion for their first episode, in terms of the when. Furthermore, the time […]

My First Episode of Psychosis and Where It Occurred

First Episode of Psychosis

Lost among the mystery of the initial event of ‘losing one’s mind’ usually arrives the mysticism of the particular locations behind the delusion. That said, for many sufferers, the first and earliest episode of psychosis sometimes affects the victim so profoundly that the trauma and locus escape the mind of those involved. Likewise the separate […]

Mental Health and Conspiracy Theories

Mental Health and Conspiracy

A population privy to the observance of conspiracy theories just so happens to be the mentally bound or ill. This observance, while not absolute in all cases of mental health and conspiracy, does frequently occur with such conditions. Conspiracy theories often offer resolutions to difficult problems or questions. Most times, these answers remain plausible to […]

What is Clinical Depression?


Clinical Depression: A mental condition causing a person to feel persistent emptiness & overall loss of interest in normal activities. Depression Symptoms share dominion with a host of many other common mental illnesses.  Below lists some of the main symptoms to watch for if you or someone you know could potentially be dealing with an […]

An Exploration of The Term Non-Binary and Generational Change


 Gender Dysphoria represents an issue that arouses an array of concerns and opinions. None of which discredit, with finality, the questioning of gender as a somehow intrinsically inept concept. In this article, one attempts to grasp the notion of gender fluidity as a paradigm shifting on a day to day basis. Thus implying the necessity […]

My First Episode of Psychosis and Why It Happened

First Episode of Psychosis

In exploring why the first episode of psychosis occurs we accomplish a few things. First we highlight the environment which facilitated such an outcome and prevent similar results in relevant cases. Second the exploration allows for a sort of self reflection. This reflection may spotlight the key flaws in one’s identity or situational response that […]

The Psych Ward, is Finally, Just a Memory

Psych Ward Memory

If I could tell my past self one thing, it would be that, like the Trump presidency, one day the psych ward will be just a memory. Hopefully, I am not being premature in proclaiming this statement. Seeing as I have only been out of the hospital for about a year. Regardless, this is the […]

What is Bipolar Disorder

Joy & Agony Mask

Bipolar Disorder is a mental condition. Those diagnosed often experience drastic shifts in their mood, emotions, & energy levels. These levels transition from extreme high levels to extreme low levels & vice versa over a period of hours to days to weeks, to months. During these periods, the symptoms experienced by those dealing with the […]