Can Tripping Help you Heal?


Reality of Psychedelics: The use of psychedelics like mushrooms or psilocybin and LSD have long been perceived as a taboo practice. However, the truth is that the danger behind these substances may be more exaggerated than we’ve been told. While I’m not telling you what to believe, certain illegal psychedelics and hallucinogens may be safer […]

Signs of the Times: Mental Health Triggers and Warnings


Living For Gold: Some people are really good at checking their mental wavelength, but most are not. In order to help you moderate your mental health here, we are including this segment in hopes that some of us can become better at this function. Info-Graphic: Onset of symptoms Where is Happy Land: The World Happiness […]

We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People: Psychopaths and Power


**Why Psychos Rise to Power: “**Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely” Info-Graphic: Crazy on the silver screen. Charitable Mindsets: The joy of giving Other News: Does daylight savings time cause more harm on the roads than usual? If you are too sad to clean anything this article makes the case for cleaning one part of […]

Worlds Apart: Schizophrenia and Different Cultures


Global Perception: Understanding schizophrenia across the globe tends to carry different connotations depending on where you are. Info-Graphic: Global schizophrenia. The World Beyond Borders: The different perceptions of the multiverse. Other News: Is there a way to calm a worrisome mind? We got you. COVID may have proved that humans as a whole may have […]

It’s My Body I’ll Do What I Want


ARFID: When we talk about eating disorders, ideas like anorexia or bulimia come to mind. We rarely hear stories like that of Summer Monro who has survived on chicken nuggets for 22 years. This is Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder and it’s more than just being picky. Info-Graphic: The figures in fast food. MyFitnessPal: Keeping […]

Is There More to This Life? Virtually, Yes.


Extended Reality: We just may be breaching life’s new frontier and the environment which hold this landmark may be all in our heads. Info-Graphic: Virtual reality in mental health. Oreoverse: The tasty cookie’s attempt at the metaverse is almost as enticing as the cookie itself. Or maybe its just exciting because of the business model […]

Why So Serious?: Stigma and Medieval Times


Blast From the Past: You know how some people always reminisce about the old days and call for a return to the behaviors and happenings of the past. Yeah this is not that, sorry millennials, even though we know you miss the 90’s. In fact this is almost the exact opposite. This may be why […]

Can Schizophrenia Kill You?


Across all practice and methodology I am positive that no where in history have the terms “cause of death” and “schizophrenia” been legitimately wagered in the same breath. That said, it’s a wonder that I myself, as a person with schizophrenia, and enduring my specific experiences am still alive.  I’m Not Saying I’m Surprised I’m […]

Did You Try Turning it (Your Brain) Off and On again?: Process of Sleep


REM and the Stages of Sleep: Well there’s good sleep and there’s bad sleep. Info-Graphic: Mental Disorders and Sleep. Sleeping Genes: Are you pre-disposed toward better sleep? Other News: Genetic editing to fight anxiety and drinking in rats? Your local library may be a refuge for the mentally ill. Here’s a comedic take on what […]

New World Order? The Ai Therapist


AI Therapy: Do robots really care about your mental health? Maybe not yet, but science can be very persuasive. Info-Graphic: Course of artificial intelligences in modern society. Is Life A Simulation: Is life a simulation or virtual reality? One scientist is crowdfunding an experiment to verify the grounds of this exact question. Other News: Kanye […]

All’s Well That Ends Well: Wellness


Meditation: Sitting around doing nothing could actually be beneficial for health, or not. Info-Graphic: Mental health in America. ‘Atlanta’ TV Therapy: The sense behind sensory deprivation tanks. Other News: Tips for parents of teens with mental health issues. Seasonal affective disorder lighting. Do you care about the minds of Olympians, even if it’s a horse? […]

The 21st Century Schizoid Man |Episode #9 Pillz Pillz Pillz

The 21st Century Schizoid Man Episode 8

Surprise! Another Visit to the hospital The Podcast This is a podcast that chronicles what it is like to live with Schizophrenia, however, it is not only as the person dealing with the illness, we are also giving the perspectives of the family & support system around that person. Join Maf & his brother Mayo(the […]