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All’s Well That Ends Well: Wellness

Meditation: Sitting around doing nothing could actually be beneficial for health, or not.

Info-Graphic: Mental health in America.

Atlanta’ TV Therapy: The sense behind sensory deprivation tanks.

Other News: Tips for parents of teens with mental health issues. Seasonal affective disorder lighting. Do you care about the minds of Olympians, even if it’s a horse? Psychological thriller of art thief trapped in a New York penthouse. FIFA investing in the tech mental health field. ****

Insider View: Check out our first longer form Youtube video here, where Maf gives a raw & unfiltered look into what it is like to be productive while dealing with psychosis and hearing voices.

Brain Fog

So the Boring Millennial, Mayo and the Schizoid, Maf disagree about the benefits of meditation. The Schizoid believes it is a waste of time and somewhat detrimental while the Millennial disagrees and cites positive effects. The science seems to side with the Millennial’s stance while the evidence still places an interesting stake with the Schizoid.

The Schizoid’s Position

  • Coming from the perspective of a Schizophrenic
  • Time would be better spent actually doing something like a running routine.
  • The idea of meditating seems lazy and ineffective.
  • According to a study from Coventry University in the UK 1 in 12 participants in a study on meditation found unwanted effects or a worsening in depression / anxiety or even an onset of conditions for the first time.
  • He’s noticed a compounding of auditory hallucinations during mediation sessions.

The Millennial’s Position

  • Coming from the perspective a person with Attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder.
  • He notes a reduction in confusion and gained clarity. Also improved sleep quality, mood and decreased distraction.
  • Mediating before the work week helped in preparation or anticipation for the oncoming tasks of work.
  • In the US, meditation is number 2 when it comes to mind and body therapies according to ThriveMyWay.



20% of Americans experience mental illness resulting in 193 billion dollars lost every year. Mental illness does not only effect adults. In fact half of all diagnoses begin at the age of 14. According to NAMI, 60% of those with mental illness do not seek treatment.

Ways to Stay Well

  • Let your doctor know about your issues, especially if you are symptomatic or if you believe a disease to be prevalent.
  • Keep open lines of communication with family or friends.
  • Be aware of mental illnesses and stay informed about options, treatments, and symptoms.

Media Bite

I was watching FX’s ‘Atlanta’ the other day and a crazy concept came to be the topic of the episode, the new age therapy of sensory deprivation. In the episode character Darius played by Lakeith Stanfield endures a series of visions while inside a sensory deprivation tank. This got me wondering. WHY!!?! HOW?!?!

Sensory Deprivation

  • Has been around since the 50’s, so maybe not so new age.
  • One floats in around a foot or less of salt water in a dark, soundproof tank.
  • Oddly enough, though it is said to reduce anxiety, it is also believed to induce psychosis like experiences.
  • It helps in pain relief, cardiovascular health, and happiness.
  • Bottom line, I want to try it!

Other News

Teens and Mental Health: Here’s a brief but holistic approach for parents of teens grappling with mental health concerns.

SAD Lights: Here’s a crash course in seasonal affective disorder lighting and why investing in an SAD lamp may help you in the dark and cold winter season.

Horse Rights?: Saint Boy, an Olympian horse seemingly expressed displeasure with his sporting situation. I wonder what his diagnosis is?

INSIDE: Willem Dafoe plays an art thief gone mad after being locked in a New York penthouse. Here’s the trailer.

Download This: “FIFA has announced that Calm – the #1 app for sleep, meditation and relaxation – will be the ‘Official Mindfulness and Meditation Product’ of the FIFA World Cup 2022™, FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ and FIFA Nations Cup 2023™.” Story here.

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