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Get ‘er Done: Psychosis and Productivity

Ghosting: Drake is wrong, losing friends is not finding peace.

Info-Graphic: Morale in the workplace.

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Other News: Are you depressed or just sad? Superman almost a schizophrenic? Keep up with news on black mental health with Adam Taylor’s app “Black”. As a mentally ill person, is there an alternate to calling the police for help? Should you be more open to DM’s?

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Long story short is we ghosted you guys. Yeah, I guess apologies are in order but maybe instead of an apology, how about we give you something that really matters. Let’s get into the politics of ghosting with mental illness.

The saying goes “you are the sum of your surroundings.” It should come as no surprise that included in your surroundings and productivity are those potential “ghosts” in your life. Being the product of your friends and their influence is the reality we are talking about.

Real talk, mental illness makes being A good friend a just a tad harder. Here’s how you can make the extra effort to prevent ghosting on your behalf or your associates. At the bare minimum we can give you a better understanding of as to why or what to do when you are ghosted or ghosting.

What is Ghosting?

Ghosting is when someone cuts off all communication without explanation according to nytimes. This usually entails the halting of texting, phone conversations, social media correspondence and avoiding of face to face contact. Although it is not new practice, advancements in technology have caused it to become more widespread. Developments in socialization have led to an increase in this phenomenon.

Reasons To Ghost Someone

  • Unless you are physically, financially, or mentally impaired there are absolutely no valid reasons to ghost. It’s poor etiquette and really frustrating.
  • Even if the person you are avoiding deserves it the least you could do is be upfront about it.
  • It makes things simpler to just vocalize your feelings and consequently, if necessary, block the contact.

Facts About Ghosting

  • The main reasons why one might ghost are lack of communication skills, lack of self-confidence, social anxiety, aversion to sexual or emotional relations, and safety related concerns according to PsychologyToday.
  • In the same study researchers found that the 45% who pleaded safety related concerns, ghosted to remove themselves from a toxic, unpleasant, or unhealthy relationship. This goes both ways for those with mental conditions. We sometimes welcome or encourage negative relationships resulting in the process of ghosting. Other times, we are ghosted because we are in fact the negative factor. Know the difference! And know your place!
  • Many believe ghosting is a kinder way to end a connection. (If it were us , we would rather appreciate honesty.)
  • Also in the study, short term effects of ghosting resulted in slighted self-esteem, confusion, and feelings of rejection. Long term effects included feelings of mistrust, self-blame and low self worth.
  • Of those that did the ghosting 50% of participants reported guilt or remorse.

What to do when you are ghosted?

  • Do not take it to heart. If they were meant to be in your life they would not have ghosted you. If you feel hurt go through the emotions but do not dwell on it, try to move on.
  • Do not blame yourself.
  • Be real about the relationship. Although no one deserves to be ghosted, consider the consequences of your own behavior.

Now that all this is said, maybe now serves as the right time to give you that apology for ghosting you. We’re sorry, but on a higher note we would like to announce our weekly newsletter. Our newsletters will highlight topics relating to mental health that are trending in media or online. This includes news stories and other interesting pieces.



National Institute of Health Care Management

Mental Health Conditions in the American Workplace During COVID

Studies report that the average American full time employee spends at least half of their waking life at work. That said It’s important to be mentally content in the workplace. The pandemic figures have caused a spike in mental health issues in the work place.

COVID Has Negatively Affected Mental Health in the Workplace

Productivity is profoundly affected by mental health and environment. These statistics coincided with the onslaught of COVID. These figures certainly remain wholly if not partially beholden to the menace of the pandemic.

21SCHIZM Team Update

But back to us “Ghosting” you guys. Yes we took some time off to improve our content. We wanted to establish more efficient content creation processes and deliver an overall better product. Over the next few months we are going to be adding a few components to keep you guys consistently updated on what’s going on with us and the world of mental health.

  1. The first of which is obviously this weekly newsletter.
  2. We will be posting longer form content on Youtube.

We hope these additions will be welcome and we’ll keep you updated as these projects develop.

Other News

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