Mark Cuban Posterizes the Big Pharma With New Online Pharmacy Venture

Big Pharma

Big Pharma cannot find its footing. After Mark Cuban and his lofty titled company post up for a major slam dunk. Cost Plus Drugs heralds itself as the forefront of cheaper, legitimate, and generic pharmaceuticals. Now, one may find themselves asking how this benefits the neurodivergent community. At a glance the most definite impact resonates […]

How Sad Boy Rap Took The World By Storm

Sad Boy

With the advent of Generation Z’s crossover into the threshold of adulthood, preceded cultural shifts in musical talent and content. The “dope boys” and “backpackers” were replaced by the “sad boy movement” and the “clout crowd.”

War of The Minds: Volodymyr Zelenskyy Vs. Vladimir Putin

Zelenskyy Putin

Wartime often welcomes the worst of misgivings beyond the confines of the indulged borders. Furthermore, perhaps even more important than the sentiments of the civilians exploited comes the psyche of the leaders enthralled. The weapons available to, and resources possessed by, those leaders remain a topic of tremendous consideration. Oftentimes, the whole world endures the […]

Zealots: Kanye Omari West

Kanye with Mask

In the throes of mental anguish, any schizoid at many times in this person’s life — Kanye Omari West — identified and sympathized with him. Moreover, his path perfectly captured the highs and lows felt by those suffering from mental illness. The moments he wished to retract, remain forever etched in his legacy. Just like […]

The Will Smith – Chris Rock Slap was Necessary


Chris Rock’s comments on black women’s hair has carried enough negativity. The gravitas of his collective definition of black hair resounds as redundant and tarried. About his cumulative research and endearment to the topic should accompany some tact or subtlety. Moreover, his Oscar comments on Jada Pinkett-Smith prove that he did not “understand the assignment.” […]

Pete Davidson, Self-Proclaimed: Diamond in The Trash


Those with mental health issues must flock together in times of trouble when support seems slim. Though this may sound simple in approach, the actual execution remains in the court of the afflicted. With so many parties conflicting and barraging personas and personalities, the question remains how can common ground even appear possible by the […]

Elyse Fox, A Pioneer In The New Age Of Digital Mental Health


Upon the epoch of this new generation. A monumental undulation took siege over the course of our most recent encounters with pop culture. The “Sad Boys” enthralled and captivated the majority of youth culture. Suddenly, with an indistinguishable amount of young celebrities committing suicide or pleading for refuge in rehab against the ills of addiction […]