The 21st Century Schizoid Man |Episode #4 Fun Story: I Kinda Sorta Was In A Coma

Well Not exactly a coma, but for all intents and purposes, The severe catatonic state Maf experienced shared many similarities with being in a coma. He was not able to move, speak or eat for weeks.  We explain what happened in this episode.  Links Spotify Apple RSS Feed(Other Options Coming Soon)×54-11e2eec

My First Episode of Psychosis and What Happened

First Episode of Psychosis

Placing a finger on the formalities or details of psychosis plays tricks on everyone, especially at the first episode. The what of psychosis simply cannot be associated at the onset of symptoms. Instead, the first episode, per chance if occurring prior to diagnosis, all options remain on the table. The spring of psychosis in figuration […]

The 21st Century Schizoid Man |Episode #3 Fun Story: I Really Thought “I Was Kanye”

Podcast Ep 3 Image

Maf takes standom to unforeseen levels & tells a little bit about his borderline unhealthy appreciation for Kanye West. We talk about how mentally ill people in the public limelight are often misunderstood & we also compare symptoms of Kanye’s Manic/BPD episodes to Maf’s Schizophrenic episodes. Links Spotify Apple RSS Feed(Other Options Coming […]

Marvel’s Moon Knight Recognizes and Lives the Reality of Schizophrenia?


Moon Knight from Marvel Comics reflects the lifestyle of how some living under the banner of schizoaffective disorder may feel. The question that ultimately remains, inquires of exactly what diagnosis he suffers from. Although according to the comics early on his diagnosis flagged as schizophrenia. This resulted wholly from the lack of consensus in the […]

Our Takeaways From Our First Month On Social Media

Thank You Our First month of social media was fairly eventful. It was heavily instagram Focused. It was amazing to see the overwhelmingly positive reaction to us launching. We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone that followed, interacted, and supported our posts. It has ultimately reassured us that we are in the […]

The 21st Century Schizoid Man |Episode #2 – Fun Story I Beat The Case


Maf Recalls what it was actually like inside of a Juvenile detention center, and how he actually made it out. He also goes into detail about some of the hallucinations that he experienced while inside the facility & how they can make an already difficult situation even more problematic.  Dr Mill’s Therapy Corner EP #1 […]

My First Episode of Psychosis and Who was Involved

First Episode of Psychosis

Imagine witnessing the onset of a circumstance so surreal that it jars your whole perspective, almost like a paradigm shifting piece of media. This event, the first episode of psychosis, in its fruition arrives with a myriad of ripe and pungent emotions. Now imagine this experience happening to someone close to you, or even yourself. […]

Aquariums Are Excellent Mental Wellness Boosts | Audubon Aquarium Of New Orleans

@21schizm Aquariums are excellent for mental wellness -Audubon Aquarium New OrleansCheck out the hobby hospitality section of our website( to view the full a article/watch videos of the exhibits!#findingdory#audubonaquarium #neworleans#mentalhealth#mentalwellness #neworleans #thingstodoneworleans ♬ original sound – 21schizm   Aquariums have always been places that I see the signs to enter,  but for some reason or […]

What is Schizophrenia?

We take a serious look at Schizophrenia, and explain the symptoms /warning signs to look out for if you feel someone my have schizophrenia.