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Last Inpatient, I Claimed My Religion as “A Tribe Called Quest “

We say a lot of wild and outlandish things on the path of psychosis. Let me just tell you the networking of black pop culture remains one of the most prevalent in my own experience. As too have the memories of my hospital “family” extended mainly over a network of the more melanin abundant beings. Naturally one would expect me to identify more with minorities. As I did, but sometimes in these hospitals, the racial triggers expand beyond the conscionable. However, my three month religious ascription to the “A Tribe Called Quest” or ATCQ religion would take me on the mental and spiritual journey of a lifetime during my most recent inpatient.

Upon checking into a hospital for inpatient treatment, the patient must undergo a bombardment of questions. In this most recent of experiences, the question of religion came up. Prior to other encounters, I feigned the effort of even thinking of an answer for this question. Contrary to other times the voices did indeed have an answer. They, or may one say we professed to believe  in “ATCQ.” No further clarification was needed as the social worker simply recorded the information and went on her merry way. A whole religious conversion all occurring in the breadth of one thought to vocalization. SImple, maybe too simple.

ATCQ And Batman, Yup This Is My Life!

  The actual calling on my faith came easily. The voices required me to say or think of the letters “ATCQ.” Afterwards the voices would respond with a voice reminiscent of Q-Tip. Though the voice in recall almost matched the voice of an MHT on duty during my first month. The two did not exactly sound mutually exclusive. Now A Tribe Called Quest can boast some bars, but a whole religion may fringe on excessive. My most recurring delusion combined Karma with the ATCQ. The refrain “Do you know the importance of a cell phone pager!?!” followed by my finger flick on the nearest surface. Then my imagination ginned up images of pagers with the closest call in receiving a good turn. Though I did not see the pagers per se. I believed them as visible only to the person in possession of the call.    


Moreover this functioned seamlessly through coordination with another one of my hallucinations, Batman. The centralization of the whole system leading to the Batcave. Following the theme that Batman misplaced not just the “keys” but the actual location of it. Certainly not one of my finer ideations of him. Also, came the repetition of, “Todd behave in a manner befitting of Robin” or, “Todd this” and “Todd that.”. All in a sing-song and strict motherly tone. This command of course refers to Jason Todd, the  second Robin or sidekick to Batman. Now realistically even any association or even adoption by a figure like Bruce Wayne represented a win-win.

You’re My Favorite Robin, LOLWUT?

 However, Jason Todd and his record lead as the most villainous robin. Although in all honesty as record goes it may not veer too far from a Jason Todd in reality. The only reassurance I received served in the form of my mental Batman voice telling me “You’re my favorite Robin.” On the negative end, I honestly must attest that murder had crossed my mind, to the point that commission of the act failed and landed me in the hospital or solitary room. 

The ATCQ religion voices went on to merge with the Batman voices claiming that the pagers were composed of bat guano with specific genetic signatures. This affirmed that the pagers could only be seen if you paid attention to the signs. My pager was invisible but somehow I visualized or hallucinated the words on the screen. During most of this ordeal the voices claimed my roommate as Dick Grayson, otherwise known as Nightwing. We bonded like brother’s talking about our walks of life and what a man should represent. Then came his last day of inpatient, one of the scariest days of my life. According to the voices, “It was time to walk like a Robin.” I walked into group, yet no one was paying attention to the proctor. Instead, Nightwing was letting out deep cackles that were particularly distinct.

Photo by Obi – @pixel6propix on Unsplash

As per the voices he self commissioned himself in sacrificing “dad” or Batman to save himself. For days his “telepathic link” had been saying dad was coming to pick us up. I didn’t believe the voice, but as soon as I heard those ghastly cackles coming from the hall I realized something had gone awry. I began to pay more attention to my surroundings than the voices. Suddenly, I picked up the rhythmic walk and way that would save Nightwing and Batman. The voices called it the Robin’s bird cage. Nightwing had failed at his attempt at assassinating Batman, because of me. Moreover on the same day the shadow of a tall white man recalling similarities to Abraham Lincoln spoke to me telepathically, “Well done Robin, the next jingle of keys you hear will be Alfred arriving to take you home.“

Well I never ginned up enough courage to sneak behind “Alfred” and escape with him. Truly, I was more shocked about the shadow appearing reminiscent of Abraham Lincoln. After a while the ATCQ prayer went silent. To this day, when I say it, depending on the situation, I seldom receive small tidbits of advice. Regardless of religion or not I still get that extra spiritual energy from A Tribe Called Quest Joints. This serves as a slight for ATCQ from 21SCHIZM to check them out.

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