Back on Road: Mental Health Trip

Road Trips

Along the way of taking one’s agency back from their mental illness comes the thrill of many adventures. Adventures, which may range from convenient to inconvenient. Of these, one of the most common emerges as the bona fide road trip. The road trip, therapeutic and immersive in any number of ways. Beckons one from the […]

Man on The Dunes: Therapeutic Thrill Seeking | Silver Lake Sand Dunes


At first there was no helmet or recommended / necessary kind of gear. Only heat, sand and a lack of proper preparation for the heat or any relevant conditioning. Perhaps with conditioning, matters would have lent themselves toward better outcomes. Regardless this trip forebode tidings akin to an astronaut stranded on the moon with no […]

An unorthodox form of therapy? W/ Detroit Street Photography Club

There are few things in life more therapeutic than taking a walk outside in a vibrant city in the middle of a rapid resurgence. The only things that come to mind are creating art for others to enjoy, or getting to meet new and interesting people. In this Hobby Hospitality post we talk about how […]

Aquariums Are Excellent Mental Wellness Boosts | Audubon Aquarium Of New Orleans

@21schizm Aquariums are excellent for mental wellness -Audubon Aquarium New OrleansCheck out the hobby hospitality section of our website( to view the full a article/watch videos of the exhibits!#findingdory#audubonaquarium #neworleans#mentalhealth#mentalwellness #neworleans #thingstodoneworleans ♬ original sound – 21schizm   Aquariums have always been places that I see the signs to enter,  but for some reason or […]

Art Exhibition: Story, Word, Sound, Sway

In visiting an art gallery as a novice, the inner workings of an amateur critic abounds as his or her own interpretations show through. In terms of coping with mental illness, art gallery criticism, viewing, or contribution represents one of the best outlets for mental acuities. The University of Michigan Penny Stamps art Gallery exhibition […]

Creativity and Afrikan Town 313 Film Festival 3/13/22


Amidst the muddle of my plain and mundane roused the opportunity of attending a new, budding short film festival. “The Afrikan Town 313 Detroit Indie Short Film Festival ” (Here) courted the fervors of my better natured critical toils. Moreover, the mental contemplations and creativity of young filmmakers soon converted into my mental interpretations of their […]