Lack of Productivity During Episodes of Psychosis

An image of maf trying to Overcome the voices in his head

I woke up today, but I did not do much else, strictly because of my voices. My productivity was kaput. Well you may say, yeah I have an inner voice too, that may be true, but there is a stark difference. When I say hear voices, They are a clear and defined third party, A […]

Running From Schizophrenia? Coping Through Cardio (3 Miles A Day)


The choice between mental and physical health and detriment in life always surmounts to ideas of simplicity. Whether it be brushing your teeth one day or taking antipsychotic medication the next. Both tasks serve towards a greater good yet for some reason bringing yourself toward accomplishing them can comprise a task of great difficulty. Conquer […]

Fasting for Non-Fasting Purposes: Bulimia Nervosa


In the past certain bouts of what one refers to as bulimia nervosa has stricken the schizoid. This illness reserves the bill of a severe eating disorder and also only coincides with 10% of schizoaffective illness types(NIH). Though occurrence influenced the schizoid over the duration of about two weeks every three months for about five […]

What it Felt Like to Relapse After a Year of Progress


Progress thrives as inspiring, healthy, and well – progressive. Simply put, any forward movement in the figurative sense of life results in boundless forms of improvement in the literal and physical sense. Unfortunately the same remains true for regression while this sometimes abounds in many forms of the literal, for schizoids we often refer to […]

Last Inpatient, I Claimed My Religion as “A Tribe Called Quest “


We say a lot of wild and outlandish things on the path of psychosis. Let me just tell you the networking of black pop culture remains one of the most prevalent in my own experience. As too have the memories of my hospital “family” extended mainly over a network of the more melanin abundant beings. […]