Mark Cuban Posterizes the Big Pharma With New Online Pharmacy Venture

Big Pharma

Big Pharma cannot find its footing. After Mark Cuban and his lofty titled company post up for a major slam dunk. Cost Plus Drugs heralds itself as the forefront of cheaper, legitimate, and generic pharmaceuticals. Now, one may find themselves asking how this benefits the neurodivergent community. At a glance the most definite impact resonates […]

Healthy Usage of Social Media for Mentally Bound

Social Media

Most champion healthy communication as the principal means and signpost of conquering mental illness. However, when considering separate methods of socializing, technological or social media resonate as the most or almost most accessible. Not many consider the shortcomings or obstacles that come along with certain impediments, like mental illness when signing up for different platforms. […]

The 21st Century Schizoid Man |Episode #6 Fun Story: I Found Mama Bear

Ep6 Cover

We Detail some of the Peculiar Shenanigans that take place inside of an inpatient facility. Maf also details how the voices that he hears consistently contribute to the many regrettable actions that he has made.   Trailer Full Episode Links Spotify Apple RSS Feed(Other Options Coming Soon)×54-11e2eec

Dealing With Schizophrenia: The Shortcomings That Accompany A Stronger Barrage of Voices

If one’s physical and mental well-being has fallen to the wayside due to voices or mental bondage. Know that one proceeds in a good and varied company. Regardless of background. Prescriptions and medications supplied to the mentally bound oftentimes do not wager fairly in terms of physical appearance, well-being or sometimes even mental health. That […]

The 21st Century Schizoid Man |Episode #5 Fun Story: RE: Have You Seen Black Swan Yet?

Episode #5 Trailer for the 21st Century man.

Having breakdowns in public spaces can be extremely stressful, Maf recounts his first major breakdown in his first semester of college and what led to his first leave of absence from the university life. Links Spotify Apple RSS Feed(Other Options Coming Soon)×54-11e2eec

Fasting for Non-Fasting Purposes: Bulimia Nervosa


In the past certain bouts of what one refers to as bulimia nervosa has stricken the schizoid. This illness reserves the bill of a severe eating disorder and also only coincides with 10% of schizoaffective illness types(NIH). Though occurrence influenced the schizoid over the duration of about two weeks every three months for about five […]