5 reasons why you should journal your meditation sessions

I was initially a bit skeptical about the benefits of meditation. I felt that it was a waste of time and that it would be another one of those “self-improvement” concepts that has been covered to death ala the millionaire morning routine. Image By Darius Sankowski on Unsplash Meditation Journals have helped me to destress […]

An unorthodox form of therapy? W/ Detroit Street Photography Club

There are few things in life more therapeutic than taking a walk outside in a vibrant city in the middle of a rapid resurgence. The only things that come to mind are creating art for others to enjoy, or getting to meet new and interesting people. In this Hobby Hospitality post we talk about how […]

The 21st Century Schizoid Man |Episode #6 Fun Story: I Found Mama Bear

Ep6 Cover

We Detail some of the Peculiar Shenanigans that take place inside of an inpatient facility. Maf also details how the voices that he hears consistently contribute to the many regrettable actions that he has made.   Trailer Full Episode Links Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/1fEmftXa3vlmirsNPWYlIOSpotify Apple https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-21st-century-schizoid-man/id1617754976?itsct=podcast_box_promote_link&itscg=30200 RSS Feed(Other Options Coming Soon) https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-23×54-11e2eec

Aquariums Are Excellent Mental Wellness Boosts | Audubon Aquarium Of New Orleans

@21schizm Aquariums are excellent for mental wellness -Audubon Aquarium New OrleansCheck out the hobby hospitality section of our website(21schizm.com) to view the full a article/watch videos of the exhibits!#findingdory#audubonaquarium #neworleans#mentalhealth#mentalwellness #neworleans #thingstodoneworleans ♬ original sound – 21schizm   Aquariums have always been places that I see the signs to enter,  but for some reason or […]

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The 21 Schizm Founding Team

Why Substack? Substack, for those that do not know is a a social media network that allows you to follow writers/blogs by just providing your email. It is the modern day email newsletter and it is done in such an easily digestible fashion.  It features a nice clean blog interface, designed for both readers and […]