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The Weather Outside is Frightful: Mental Health and Weather

The Sky is Falling: Here’s a quick guide to coping when the weather isn’t particularly to your liking.

Info-Graphic: Seasonal Affective Disorder and mental health conditions.

Katrina Babies: A film interested in the lives of those who were children present during the onslaught of hurricane Katrina?

Other News: Home sweet hotel? Holidays can be tough, we need some advice on how to make them a bit more bearable. Did you know about Madea’s (Tyler Perry’s) suicidal thoughts? Depression of black women goes undiagnosed? Parent-child relationships and trauma are more apparent in Hollywood films these days.

Brain Fog

Some people like to think those who suffer from a variety of negative responses toward non-ideal weather as over-dramatic. Well not us, we understand that the sky is always falling and we have some advice for you in terms of what to do to cope. Here’s to you chicken little!

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

  • It is a condition that comes and goes with seasons, generally causing a form of depression found in those who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).
  • Some refer to it as winter depression, because for a large portion of sufferers, they experience an uptick of symptoms during the winter.
  • In some experiences victims note more symptoms in the hotter months and feeling better in the winter.
  • Symptoms include, fatigue, change in appetite, clinical depression, changes in sleep, loss of pleasure or interest, and drop in serotonin. These occur alongside changes in the weather or seasons.

How to Cope?

  • Light therapy means to substitute for exposure to sunlight by mimicking the properties in an artificial means to treat the victim.
  • Psychotherapy works by getting out all feelings about the weather out in the open so the discussion can benefit the sufferer by a offensive and defensive approach to health.
  • Antidepressants
  • Vitamin D supplements.
  • Identify triggers (specifically for those with summertime issues), with winter it serves as more noticeable because of the obvious triggers of lack of sunshine and poor weather.
  • Make sleep a priority.
  • Feel your emotions wholly.
  • Develop a routine.
  • Positive self-talk.
  • Lots of self-care

Just because the weather is bad doesn’t mean the world is over, maybe that’s what chicken little missed. Or maybe chicken little was right (global warming) and were just late to the doomsday party.




Underlying pre-existing mental health conditions appear to increase rates of SAD amongst the general population. Combined anxiety and depression increased the rate of SAD by 5x those with no pre-existing mental health conditions. The science behind it may have to deal with the presence or lack thereof of serotonin found amongst those with mental health conditions.

Katrina Babies

The film “Katrina Babies” intends to give an inside look into the lives of those who were children and affected by the hurricane so many years go. The filmmaker Edward Buckles had a few objectives in mind.

  • Highlighting the works of young artists
  • Pay tribute to the school he believes saved his life after the hurricane.
  • Tell the story of kids whose lives were stained by the death and devastation of hurricane Katrina.
  • Find parallels between present day behavior and the effects of the hurricane.
  • Tell the story of the now surfacing traumas and impacts
  • Release the emotions that have been suppressed for so many years.

The film premiered on August 24th 2022, it is now available on HBO Max.

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