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Bad Blood: Testing Blood for Depression

Bad Blood: Maybe you don’t need to waste time in a doctor’s office to tell you whether or not you have depression. A simple blood test may tell you everything you desire and maybe even more. In some cases the doctor really is too rich for your blood. In the near future we may substitute hours of therapy with a blood test or do away with the doctor altogether with the concept of artificial intelligence. Technology huh?

Info-Graphic: Depression differences between men and women.

Talk to Me Nicely: Speech patterns are being used to diagnose depression.

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Brain Fog

Depression is out for your blood, or maybe it’s in it. No worries a simple test can tell you the truth. If you are like 39.4% of Americans, you are depressed. Likewise if you’re like 31.45% of a separate set Americans you’re depressed without a diagnosis. Scientists are researching new ways to counter this uncertainty. Strangely enough, it has nothing to do with your therapist’s therapy couch. In fact it may be as simple as sampling just a drop of your precious blood (maybe more than a drop).

By checking levels of a protein called the brain derived neurotrophic factor, BDNF for short, researchers have discovered that those of us who have lower levels of this protein in our blood are more prone to mental disorders. Figures for this type of test are still in initial stages, another type of test however, diagnosed depression with an 82% margin of accuracy. The blood test which takes into account phosphate levels is not yet an official alternative for experts. Maybe vampires have a reason for the bad blood against humans. We just might be the ones that drive them to taking blood. Depression and addiction go hand in hand. Don’t worry I’m not crazy, I’m just talking about the people who take my blood oddly enough for a mental health disorder. Actually that may qualify me for being crazy.




Boys Go to Jupiter to Get More Stupider

Is stupider a word? IDK, anyways ignorance is bliss, because apparently men are happier or at least less depressed. The numbers show that women express figures of depression twice as much as men. Out of the whole United States’ population, 10% of those experiencing depression happen to be women. This is in opposition to the 5% of men.

Why Though?

  • Among the top reasons for depression in women, hormonal changes reign supreme.
  • Pregnancy associated depression and postpartum.
  • Menopausal associated depression
  • Unequal social status and power

Talk to Me Nicely

Depression speaks volumes yet somehow our sorry selves can’t hear it. Let me explain. New research claims that speech patterns can help doctors diagnose depression. According to the research doctors with an accuracy of 93% were able to determine whether or not a person was depressed. The diagnostic took tabs on changes in speech like speed, pitch, number of pauses and intensity. By the way these tests only needed a 1 minute sample of the subjects speech. Short and sweet.

Other News

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