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New Year, New Start, New Me: NO MORE RESOLUTIONS!!!

So it’s A New Year: But in all reality it’s just another day, So here are some tips to avoid the agony of broken promises in the new year, alternatives to New Year’s resolutions.

Info-Graphic: How to keep goals in the new year.

Blue Monday: The saddest day of the year.

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Brain Fog

The New Year should not be another excuse to fail in keeping promises to yourself or others. Instead of making resolutions you will not keep, we have some healthy and more practical alternatives that will make you feel more successful in the upcoming year.

Why Resolutions Don’t Work?

  • For some it is not easy to completely break a habit without offering oneself a positive substitute.
  • People don’t come up with fail safes in case they do not live up to expectations.
  • People are too vague and unrealistic with goals and objectives.

Alternatives to Resolutions

  • Create a bucket list for goals to b achieved in the new year.
    • This breaks your objectives down to smaller achievable segments.
  • Create 30 day or monthly challenges.
    • This outlines your objectives and divides them into shorter more manageable portions
  • Take on a 365 day challenge.
    • Make this something you will choose to do every day in the new year, like taking one photo a day, or reading a short story a day, etc. etc.
  • Choose one word, phrase or mantra to guide you through the new year.
  • Make a goal jar, for objectives that can be accomplished throughout the year.
  • Be specific with goals you want to track or measure. Establish and execute.
  • Create a list of things to look forward to.
  • Write a letter to yourself with a personal mission statement.
  • Practice gratitude exercises.
  • Grade yourself and make changes based on your own assessments.




To achieve a goal one must first make commit to practices which make the goal more achievable. Writing down goals appears to make the goals more realistic. Actually setting out concrete objectives makes the goal more attainable. Involving friends and making progress reports make the goal most practical.

Blue Monday

Apparently there’s a day dedicated to being the saddest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. This day is fittingly called Blue Monday. The day is calculated through the use of weather monitoring which is why it only applies to the northern hemisphere. It also factors in debt level (the difference between debt accumulated and ability to pay), time since Christmas, time since new year’s resolutions have been broken, low motivational levels, and the feeling of a need to take action. At this point most scientists have declared the observance to be a baseless pseudoscience. However, like astrology many still believe it to be true. This year it falls on the date of January 16th.

Other News

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Psychedelics: This NPR segment brings you to the modern reality of the use of psychedelic drugs to fight against mental illness.

Chicago Youths: This source highlights the Surgeon General’s support of a program called After School Matters for the area youths of Chicago. The program serves as refuge and enrichment program to engage the mental health of teens in Chicago.

Improving with Improv: Through the process of practicing improv this piece recounts the story of one person’s experience and gain of confidence in other unrelated areas of life. The person highlights less anxiety and less overthinking in all matters of life.

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