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Join Maf & his brother Mayo(the boring millennial) as they take you on a journey of psychological menace, a journey of pain, laughter and everything in between. Maf has had his ups and downs in life, but this is his comeback story with a theme of redemption. In which he takes control of his narrative and shares some of his personal experiences, some of which have been absolutely crazy. All, while  exposing you as the audience to an experience without all the stiffness that is usually associated with professional consult.

Our goals


Inform & Entertain

This platform will be used as a way to educate, entertain and engage those experiencing mental health issues. Whether you’re the one experiencing the mental illness or you're a friend/family member that is helping someone to cope with their mental health issues.


Inform & Entertain

This podcast spotlights issues that are untouched or seen as taboo in minority communities such as recognizing warning signs, seeking professional help, and coping in a unified effort with those who support you.



We hope to curate a platform of free expression and like-minded creativity, welcome to all backgrounds. Just a disclaimer we may ruffle some feathers along the way.

The Podcast

Therapy Corner with Dr Mill

Join the 21st Century Schizoid Man & his dark passenger, as they explore and embrace the benefits of seeing a new age milennial therapist.


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